Imlie : Atharva & Imlie do Post Wedding Rituals !

Atharva tells Imlie that its important to follow all rituals, so he will follow all post-wedding rituals. He asks Devika to make the arrangments and smiles at Imlie. Shivani and Keya while making arrangements fume and comment that Atharva and Imlie’s divorce was happening and now they have to bear Imlie again. Keya says they should reveal truth to Imlie instead of contuing this drama. Atharva overhears them and says Imlie is not a condition to handle this trauma, so they should wait for a few days. Keya reminds that he is same Arto who left the ritual midway last time and is now eager to perform ritual. Atharva says he believes in correcting his mistakes and he will not repeat his last mistakes again, even Keya has this option available. Keya frowns hearing this.

Family gets ready to participate in Imlie and Atharva’s post-wedding ritual. Ripu and Ginni’s nok jhok starts. Devika prepares milk bowl for the ring finding ritual. Arpita thanks Devika for supporting Imlie and says whatever they are doing, even a real sasural/in-laws wouldn’t have done it. Rudra says Imlie’s sasural is real and they want to fulfill their daughter’s wish.

Sundar says Imlie is lucky to get such a good susural, though its difficult for Atharva as his divorce.. Atharva asks him not to talk about it or else Imlie will listen to them. Imlie walks down and asks what did she listen to? Rudra says they are just.. Atharva stands mesermized seeing Imlie’s beauty. Chini gets jealous seeing that. Ginni says Imlie is looking very pretty. Devika applies nazar kajal to Imlie and says let us start the ritual.’

Imlie sits for the ritual with Atharva. She calls Chini near her and tells Devika that if Chini eyes on something, she will use all the tactics she can to gain it. She asks Chini which tactic will she use now. Chini nervously asks what does she mean. Imlie asks her to teach her some tactic to win. Keya tells Chini that her sister is insulting her.

Family members divide themselves between Imlie and Atharva’s teams. Ring finding ritual starts. Atharva thinks he was a fool not to realize what he lost, Imlie is now suffering because of him. Chini thinks Imlie’s good fate makes her win always. Imlie finds ringand wins the game. Everyone clap for her. Imlile tells Atharva that he would have won easily, then why did he let her win. Atharva says she knows the reason.

Jealous Chini asks Imlie if she wants to sit there whole night or wants to rest. Imlie says let her see how her sister has decorated her room. Chini asks what does she mean. Keya says for suhagraat. Arpita says they couldn’t and needs 10 minutes. She asks Chini to support her. Keya taunts that usually bride’s sister decorates room. Chini throws flowers on Atharva and Imlie’s bed burning in anger. Keya walks in and taunts her. chini shows thorns under the bedsheet and grins.

Atharva and Imlie walk into room. He says he will go now as she may feel uncomfortable. She asks why? He says they were sleeping in different room since a few days. She says they got married just yesterday. He says he means in their own houses. She says they should spend time with each other to understand each other more. He thinks he hated to see Imlie earlier but eager to spent time with her now. He gives her pain killer and asks her to call him if she needs anything and leaves from there.

Chini jumps on her bed and finds thorns under the bedsheet. She shouts who kept them here. Imlie enters and says she kept them as Chini had kept them under her bedsheet. Chini asks if she is taking revenge from her. Imlie says she kept them here so that she can complain the florist aginst. She warns her to be careful as she is not an old Imlie.

Once she leaves, Chini shouts in anger and thinks why did Imlie say that she is not an old Imlie. Imlie thinks she used to tolerate nonsense before but now will retaliate for each attack. She recalls hearing Chini sharing her evil plan with Anu and seeks doctor’s help to expose Chini. Out of flashback, she thinks she will make Chini herself reveal her truth.

Precap: Doctor informs family that Imlie should know the truth if she wants to get well. Devika asks what kind of truth. Chini thinks now she will see what Imile will do. Doctor informs Imlie that she and Atharva were going through a divorce and not wedding. Imlie thinks her truth will be out in front of everyone today, what shall she do now.

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