Imlie : Atharva & Imlie Land in Big Trouble !

Imlie slips while walking in jungle with Atharva towards Chini’s mental asylum. Atharva holds her. Their eyes lock. Atharva says she has sprained her but still continues to walk. Imlie says they should reach Chini soon. Atharva says she gives importance to everyone except herself. He lifts her and walks while she looks at his face. Her mangalsutra gets stuck in his shirt button. He then makes her sit and tries to free it, says he needs to break it.

Imlie stops him and says her mangalsutra is her life and she will let it break till her last breath. Atharva thinks he wants to break their relationship and trust and she is worried about mangalsutra. Imlie frees her mangalsutra and says she freed it. They notice a truck nearby, Atharva walks again lifting Imlie.

Imlie creates havoc at the mental asylum, locks herself in a store room, and threatens doctor to face the consequence for supporting Rudra. Doctor calls Rudra and informs that Chini has wrecked havoc the mental asylum and is provoking other patients. Keya calls Chini and informs that Imlie and Atharva have left for the centre, but Rudra got them stuck midway. Chini fools center staff again, calls Anu, and seeks help. A news of a kidnapper gang kidnapping innocent kids plays on TV.

Imlie and Atharva reach tuck and don’t find anyone there. Imlie hears kids crying inside a trick and open its door. Kids cry and plead them to save them. They both getinto truck and learn that goons kidnapped them. Atharva tries to call police and finds no network in his mobile. He says he will drive truck and reach police station. Kids hugs him and cry. Imlie says she will drive truck and gets into driver’s seat. Goons return drinking alcohol.

Atharva and Imlie get tensed. Goons hear kids crying and open tgruck door to check. Atharva hides behind cartoon. Goon head toward’s driver’s seat and finds the door locked. Imlie’s mobile rings. Goons notice her and picking weapons head towards kids. Kids plead Atharva to save them and doesn’t let him go.

Atharva fights with goons. Another goon threatens Imlie to get ready to die. Imlie drives truck away. Goons follow them and stand tired. Kids praise Imlie’s bravery. Kidnapper’s boss stops Imlie’s truck and punctures it with a bullet.

Precap: Goons tie Atharva to a truck and threaten Imlie to drive a truck.

Update Credit to: MA

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