Imlie : Atharva & Imlie’s Life in Danger

Imlie gets stuck in a hot air balloon. Atharva rushes to her help. Balloon rope breaks and it starts flying. Atharva runs and jumps in a superman style and catches balloon room. Imlie asks him to go back. Atharva says he will die if he leaves rope and gets on balloon holding her hand. Keya yells that Imlie is spoiling their mood and now even Atharva is missing, Rudra would have scolded her and Akash if they had gone missing, though they are couple and Imlie and Atharva just friends. Divya asks her not to spoil their moods and enjoy with Akash. Ripu brings juice for them all.

Atharva asks Imlie if they can think of getting down instead of arguing and keeps his hand on her hand. She feels nervous. Family notices them enjoying a balloon ride and praise them. Atharva and Imlie notice balloon leak and panic. Immlie ties her watch to the leakage spot and stops leakage. Atharva thanks god. Imlie says its a romantic day today as its valentine’s day. She recties a poem. Atharva replies her in a poetic style. He asks how does she spend her valentine’s day. She jokes and then says she never celebrated valentine’s day. He looks at her and feels awkward. She says her personality is of janmastami type and she doesn’t look good celebrating valentine’s day. Atharva says she looks good in everything.

Atharva offers her a rose. Imlie asks what is he doing. He says expressing his love for her; when he can express his love for his family, why can’t he to his friend. Imlie thinks she is hoping high that he will propose her one day. Atharva hopes if she reaccepts his friendship, he will protect it more than his life. Devika watching them via binocular informs family that Atharva is proposing Imlie. Family feels happy. Chini fumes thinking she wanted to farewell Imlie, but Atharva is propsing her instead. Atharva tells Imlie that instead of saying I love you, he wants to say her I friend you. Imlie feels emotional but then gets conscious and says they are stuck in air and this balloon is leaking, they should thihnk how to get down. Atharva says she is Imlie’s daughter Imlie and is very close to her from here. He asks her to look aruond. She enjoys floatin on clouds.

Atharva proposes friendship again. Imlie accepts rose and says I friend you too. He clicks their selfie and says he will follow their relationship for 700 lives. Imlie says his friendship is enough for her. Atharva says he will do whatever she says from hereon and says lets dance. She says they are hanging in air, he should listen to her as said. He says last request and dances with her with Teri Awargi Banjawoon Main.. song. Family gets happy thinking they are romancing while Keya and Chini burn in jealousy. Imlie’s watch loosens and gas starts leaaking agian. Atharva and Imlie panic.

Precap: Imlie loses her memory after hot air balloon accident and tells Atharva that they need to perform postwedding rituals as they married just yesterday. Doctor informs family that Imlie lost her memory post her wedding.

Update Credit to: MA

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