Imlie : Atharva Impressed by Imlie !

Narmada asks Imlie if she is fine. Imlie says she is absolutely not fine and the reason is Atharva. She says he wakes her up at 4 a.m. and makes her perform all household chores. Atharva says he doesn’t wake up at 4 a.m. Imlie says she wakes up at 4.1 a.m. and digs ground and then refills it. Atharva asks who does that. Imlie continues. Arpita laughs and says Imlie is joking.

Imlie says she can spread happiness with her life partner’s support. Sundar says that is our chipkali/Imlie and asks Atharv if he felt bad. Atharva says not at all and walks in for the ritual. Chini notices lotus and thinks everyone forgot that she is allergic to lotus, now everyone’s attention would be on her instead of Imlie’s paghphera ritual. She sniffs lotus and starts coughing.

Rathores make Imlie and Atharva sit and asks them to mark their hand prints on a white cloth as per post-wedding ritual. Chini walks in sneezing. Imlie rushes to her and goes to prepare ginger tea for her thinking she developed cough and cold. She notices fridge open and finds lotus flowers nearby. Doctor tests Chini and says she developed cold and would be fine soon. Narmada asks Chini how did she catch cold in summer. Imlie enters and says she knows the reason, Imlie had ice cream to fall sick and skip job. She asks Chini why she wants to take more leaves when she already took a week’s leave last week. Rupali scolds Chini and asks Imlie how does she know about it. Imlie says she saw Chini’s laptop open and read her office mail.

Chini says she came to complain against her. Imlie says he is complaining against Chini to Chini herself and says parents should teach daughters to be self-reliant, they are lucky to have a supportive family who wants their daughters to be self-dependent; Chini can leave the job if she doesn’t like it and join Atharva’s recommended company or wherever she wants to, she shouldn’t be upset seeing salary deduction after taking leave and should remember that she doesn’t deserve what she doesn’t have a right on.

Chini says she wanted to buy a nice paghphera gift for Imlie with her salary and in a fit of rage, she munched ice not realizing it would interfere Imlie’s paghpheras. She says let us perform Imlie’s paghphera. Imlie asks her to rest. Chini insists and says she will have neighbor’s ice and get fever then. Imlie agrees for ritual. Atharva thinks Chini’s mistakes are also cute, he realized she is the precious part of his life and fell in her love again.

Imlie and Atharva perform ritual. Atharva looks at Chini after performing ritual. Imlie drops Chini to her room and goes to bring soup for her asking Atharva to sit with Chini. Atharva offers kadha/herbal concoction to Chini to make her feel better and asks if she fell sick to buy gift for Imlie. Imlie says she wanted to perform post-wedding rituals with him. Imlie calls ihtercom and asks Chini if she shall add palak in her soup. Imlie says whatever she likes and keeps receiver aside. Atharva tells Chini that he can’t see Chini bearing torture because of Imlie and would reveal truth to Imlie.

Chini says they had decided that they will keep silent until she takes over Bhaskar Times from Imlie, their plan is still incomplete. Atharva says he is incomplete without Chini and says he doesn’t but whenever he sees Imlie with his family, he feels Chini is misunderstanding Imlie and there is some confusion; he is clear that Imlie will not return home with her. Chini notices receiver aside and gets tensed thinking Imlie must have heard everything. Atharva hopes Imlie must have heard it and says its difficult to stay away from Chini and stay with Imlie, so he decided to reveal truth to Imlie and families and get Chini’s right at any cost.

Chini says he can leave Imlie then as its difficult for her to see him with Imlie, she doesn’t need her right and needs only Arto. Imlie walks in with soup and stands shocked. Atharva gets tensed seeing her. Imlie says she knows he doesn’t want to take her back home. She then laughs and hugs him and thanks him for this gift, even she doesn’t want to return home. Chini asks why is adarsh bahu doesn’t want to return home. Imlie says she cannot leave Chini in fever and would return home tomorrow only after Chini gets well. Atharva tries to speak. Chini says let us speak later and let Imlie get her well soon. Imlie says she is right and walks away.

Atharva says its not easy for him to keep everyone in dark. Chini says its easy, then requests him to stay back with her until she gets well. Next morning, Rupali and Arpita thank Atharva for letting Imlie stay back to celebrate her mother’s birthday. They reveal that Imlie takes care of an ashram and celebrates her mother’s birthday every year in ashram. Atharva feels impressed with Imlie’s kind gesture.

Precap: Atharva and Imlie get romantic under a shower.

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