Imlie : Atharva Remains Adamant on Divorcing Imlie !

Atharva looking via an ICU room’s glass door pleads Imlie to wake up as she promised to leave his house and not the world. Ranas and Rathores reach hospital. Keya comments that visiting hospital has become a weekly outing for Rana family. Shivani scolds her and says even she doesn’t like Imlie, but her life is in danger. Chini murmurs Imlie’s will leave the world soon. Shivani asks her why did she come to hospital while she herself is injured. Chini acts and says she wants to stay with her sister and can’t see her in his condition. Shivani walks in. Chini thinks she can’t miss to see Imlie writhing in pain.

Atharva asks peon about Imlie’s condition as he didn’t get any update from doctor since long. Peon informs that doctor is busy checking other patients in his cabin. Atharva angrily barges into doctor’s cabin and shouts at him for being busy with other patients to earn money instead of treating Imlie. Doctor says he is worried for his wife while the other 2 persons here are worried for their mother and daughter. Athaarva apologizes doctor and requests to treat Imlie. Doctor says he gave a desired treatment to Imlie, now they have to trust god and wait until Imlie gains consciousness.

Atharva walks back to waiting room. Devika tries to comfort him. Rudra asks Atharva if he is worried for Imlie so much, why he is divorcing her. Atharva says to keep her away from further pain. Rudra says his concern is his love for Imlie and asks him to accept that he loves Imlie and can’t stay without her. Atharva denies and leaves from there. Chini thinks Atharva should continue his adamancy and get Imlie out of his life soon.

Family continues to wait. Devika says doctors should have informed them about Imlie’s condition by now. Imlie walks to them. Atharva shows his concern and asks why did she come out. He makes her sit and calls doctor. Imlie says she is fine. Arpita tells Imlie that though she is brave Imalia’s daughter, she shouldn’t show so much bravery. Imlie says even she is papa’s sister and should show some bravery. Sundar says she should go back to her hospital room and rest.

Imlie asks how will she perform post-wedding rituals if she lies down. Chini asks kind of rituals and whose marriage. Imlie says she got injured and Chini lost her memory instead, its her and Atharva’s wedding yesterday and they need to perform their post-wedding rituals. Family stands shocked hearing that. Atharva asks Imlie to go in and rest while he goes and meets a doctor. Imlie asks why are they all looking at her like this. Everyone stand silently.

Family then visits doctor and questions doctor. Doctor informs that Imlie suffered a short-term memory loss and she doesn’t remember the events after her marriage day. Family is more shocked to hear that. Doctor says Atharva should behave with Imlie like a newly married couple and they try to forcefully revive Imlie’s memory, her condition may get critical due to stress. Family walks out of doctor’s cabin.

Imlie ready in her normal dress apologizes Atharva for troubling him on their first post wedding and asks if they can return home and start post-weddinng rituals. Atharva nods yes. They return home. Rudra asks family to welcome Imlie in a proper way. Chini says Imlie must be feeling weak, so she will help her till the room. Imlie frees her hand and says she forgot her graha pravesh and hence she wants to perform graha pravesh with Atharva again. Rudra and Devika smile while Chini and her team frown.

Atharva asks Imlie is she is sure about it. Imlie says she knows its an old thing for him, but its a new thing for him; she asks if he will start afresh with her. Atharva holds her hand and walks in. A romantic song plays in the background. Atharva asks Devika to go to her room and rest. Imlie says she is Imlie’s daughter Imlie and can’t rest.

She says they had decorated the house so beautifully, why did they remove it. Sundar says since she was injured, they remove the decoration. Imlie says they can get ready for the rituals though. Shivani tries to speak. Atharva stops her and says he will perform all the riutals. Ginni says let us start with ring finding ritual then. Imlie thinks she is ready to answer all the evil moves against her.

Precap: Doctor informs family that Imlie should know the truth if she wants to get well. Devika asks what kind of truth.
Chini thinks now she will see what Imile will do. Doctor informs Imlie that she and Atharva were going through a divorce and not wedding. Imlie thinks her truth will be out in front of everyone today, what shall she do now.

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