Imlie : Cheeni Stows Away in Aryan’s Car ; Malini Taunts Imlie !

Cheeni goes missing from home. Meethi calls her contacts to find about Cheeni. Imlie breaks down and says she couldn’t find Cheeni anywhere. She prays Seeta maiya that she couldn’t protect the gift Seeta maiya bestowed on her. Malini walks in and offers her kerchief to wipe her tears and says she wants Imlie to cry forever. Aryan drives car recalling his and Imlie’s fight and Cheeni’s fondness for him. Cheeni hides in his car. Ye plays Ye Duriyaan.. song on FM. Cheeni enjoys the song and claps. Aryan hears sound and turns. Cheeni hides.

Imlie asks Malini if she came to see dear ones in distress. Malini says she is enjoying seeing her crying. Imlie asks if she kidnapped Cheeni. Malini asks if little Cheeni also left her, she thought she is crying for Aryan. She confronts her that Imlie first ruined her life, then ruined Aryan’s life and killed her and Aryan’s baby, and then brought a baby from somewhere who also left her; how will Imlie tolerate so much pain and life, so its better she dies.

Meethi warns her to leave. Malini asks her not to interfere. Meethi threatens her with a lathi/wooden stuck and warns her to leave Pagdandiya forever. Malini says she also doesn’t want to stay here and leaves. Imlie breaks down more and says she can’t lose Cheeni. Meethi says nobody can snatch Cheeni from her and comforts her.

Aryan stops his car at a restaurant. Cheeni also feels hungry. Aryan gives a food order and looks at his and Imlie’s pic waiting for it. He thinks he should concentrate on his work and gets busy talking to his employee. Chenei enters, silently picks food, and eats it hiding under the table. Aryan asks waiter when will his order arrive. Waiter says he just served his order and maybe someone took it.

Aryan orders him to get one more order and gets busy over phone again. Chenei takes even that plate. Aryan gets angry on the waiter again. Cheeni keeps food on a chair. Waiter says Aryan kept it on table and forgot. Aryan asks him to get back to his work and gets busy eating food.

Cheeni steals Aryan’s mobile to inform Meethi about her whereabouts. Meethi and Cheeni visit police station to file Cheeni’s missing complaint. Cheeni calls Meethi and informs her that she is on a mission to reunite Imlie and Aryan and asks her not to tell Imlie about it. Meethi says Cheeni is worried for her. Cheeni asks her to tell Imlie that Seeta maiya called her and informed that she need not worry as Cheeni is fit and fine.


Meethi repeats same To Imlie. Aryan drives car back with Cheeni hiding in his car. Malini calls him and expresses her desire to accompany him to Delhi. He says he likes his own company and disconnects call. Malini thinks he didn’t seem in distress which means he doesn’t know about Cheeni missing. She thinks now Imlie and Aryan will not meet as Cheeni because of whom they meet is missing.

A pamplet of Cheeni’s missing falls on his car’s windshield. Aryan gets out of the car and without reading the pamplet throws it away and notices windshield broken. He thinks this village broke a lot in his life and decides to refix the windshield in Delhi.

Malini returns home. Anu feels happy seeing her and asks how was the trip with Aryan. Imlie tells Meethi that she will go to Seeta maiya and ask about Cheeni. Meethi asks her to have food first or else she will collapse. Imlie refuses. Meethi cries that even she wants to leave her like Chini and others left. Imlie comforts her. Malini asks

Anu to stop linking her up with Aryan and says her mission is accomplished anyways, Imlie snatched everything from her and made her alone, now Imlie will realize how it feels to be alone. Meethi asks Imlie not to worry about Cheeni as she is fine. Imlie says she had her dadda to comfort her, whom will Cheeni go to. Aryan reaches home and walks in. Cheeni gets out of car and is mesmerized seeing a lavish house.

Percap: Aryan thinks where the hell did Cheeni go. Cheeni asks what does hell mean. Aryan is shocked to see her there.

Update Credit to: MA

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