Imlie : Chini Attempts Suicide !

Imlie holds Seeta maiya’s idol and tells her that she will not cry today as she’s leaving Rathore house as a daughter-in-law. She prays maiya to keep everyone safe. She opens her room door and bumps on Atharva. Atharva drops his flight tickets. Imlie asks if he is going somewhere. Atharva says dad is adamant to send him out of Delhi for some time and asks where is she going when her house is not yet read. Imlie says she has to stay with her family now as this house doesn’t need her anymore, its good that he is fine and is strong on his decision.

Athrva says he will stay back if she stops him and asks can she stay back. Imlie says she asked him not to give excuse of their friendship, how will he stop her now. Atharva says he doesn’t want to lose his best friend. Imlie says their friendship will remain, they have to take charge of their lives, let her see where will fate take her. Atharva says he will be alone without her. She gives him Seeta maiya’s idol and says she will protect him.

Atharva gets Chini’s call and runs on terrace with Imlie. Chini climbs a wall and threatens to suicide. Atharva and Imlie plead her not to make any mistake. Atharva says she created drama yesterday and if she thinks he will love her if she threatens to suicide. Chini says she will continue to love Arto even if he doesn’t and says Imlie is always right, bye to them. Atharva warns her to stop her attention seeking drama and get down. Chini says they all think she is acting and jumps from terrace. Imlie runs down shouting Chini. Family gathers and ask each other why is Imlie shouting Chini’s name. Chini falls down from terrace on a carpet with just a minor injury on her head.

Chini is shifted to hospital where doctors treat her. Arpita cris. Anu thinks nobody understands Chini, she lost Malini and can’t lose Chini now. Rupali thinks Chini is very strong mentally, then why did she take this extreme step. Imlie recalls Chini’s challenge and cries. Atharva tries to comfort her. Imlie say she thought Imlie is just threatening them. Atharva says he never trusted Chini. Imlie says if something happens to Chini, she will be her culprit. Police walks in to arrest Imlie for provoking Chini to attempt suicide. Sundar says its a false complaint. Police gets adamant to arrest Imlie. Atharva says he will accompany them. Rudra asks who filed this baseless complaint. Anu reacts and accuses Imlie and warns Rudra to stop protecting Imlie. Shivani supports Anu. Devika shutsher mouth. Rudra takes inspector aside and manages the situation.

Doctor informs that Chini got minor external injury, but may have got critical internal injuries. Rupali accuses Atharva for Chini’s condition and says he wanted to marry Chini but then suddenly changed his mind and married Imlie. Arpita asks her not to blame Atharva and tries to comfort her. Rupali cries that Chini felt alone and attempted suicide. Devika says they will write a new story from tomorrow, she should trust god. Imlie looks at Chini from glass door and recalls giving her Seeta maiya to Atharva. Atharva tells her that she is not alone as her Seeta maiya is with her. Imlie says Chini needs Seeta maiya the most now.

Precap: Imlie walks out with her bag. Atharva requests Imlie to stay back. Rudra says Chini will stay here forever. Imlie walks out of house while Chini smirks at her and walks in.

Update Credit to: MA

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