Imlie : Chini & Her Crimes Exposed !

Imlie asks Chini to get out of mandap as she is marrying an already married man. Chini asks her if she really lost her memory afer she herself signed divorce papers. She asks Atharva/Arto to show her divorce papers. Arto does. Chini is shocked to see Imlie’s signatures missing and says Imlie tricked her again. Imlie accepts that she loves Atharva, but Chini just lies that she loves Arto.

She holds Atharva’s hand and says she lied to protect Atharva from Chini and asks Chini if she ever lied for Arto. Anu tries to stop Chini, but Chini stops her. Anu sends her puppet reporters away. Chini accepts that she lied a lot for Atharva and accepts her each crime. Everyone stand shocked hearing her crimes.

Rupali asks Imlie if its true. Imlie says Chini is telling truth today. Rupali asks Chini how can she try to kill her own sister. Anu interferes and says they never thought of Chini and gave everything to only Imlie. Sundar says Chini got sr Imlie and Aryan’s upbringing which was more than a wealth, but Anu ruined it.

Imlie says when she belongs to Chini, whatever she has belongs to Chini, but Chini wasted her parent’s upbringing. Chini accuses that Imlie is like her mother Sr Imlie who snatched everything from her mother Malini.

Imlie warns her to dare not talk ill about her mother and says she lost her right on to take her mother’s name again. Chini determines to destroy Imlie and throws a burning wood towards her. Atharva pulls Imlie away, but it falls on Imlie’s dupatta. Atharva tries to set off fire with his bare hands and then throws dupatta away.

Imlie gets concerned seeing his burnt hand. Chini tries to attack Imlie. Whole family guard Imlie and warn Chini that they are Imlie’s real wealth and she has to cross them to touch Imlie. Rupali says she will take Chini from here.

Imlie tells Atharva its time for her to leave as her mission of protecting her from Chini is accomplished. Atharva stands tensed. Rupali and Sundar feel sad seeing Chini’s behavior and question their upbringing. Imlie walks in and asks them not to blame themselves.

She says they all can leave from here and start afresh. Rupali asks why she wants to leave Atharva when they both love each other and expressed their love in front of everyone. Devika on the other side asks Atharva to express his love for Imlie before Imlie leaves.

Precap: Atharva and Imlie remarry with an oath that nobody will come between them. Imlie notices a man and asks who is he?.
Man says he is Dhairya.

Update Credit to: MA

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