Imlie : Chini & Imlie Dare Each Other !

Imlie asks Rudra how did he find out that she remembers everything. Rudra says she herself told him and recalls Imlie serving him tea and medicine and him recalling that doctor had prescribed him that herbal tea and medicine after Atharva and Imlie’s marriage. He smiles and asks why didn’t she involve him in her plan, he knows that she must be doing this memory loss drama to protect Atharva and this house from Chini as he never believed that Chini can change. Imlie says she was hiding from herself after telling such a big lie, how could she involve him. Rudra says a father supports his daughter when its for a right a cause, he will always support her. Imlie hugs him emotionally and says she is very lucky that he is her papa.

Sundar tells Chini that whatever she did with Imlie was wrong. Chini says he knows she speaks without thinking much and whatever comes in her mind. Sundar says she has grown up now and control her tongue. Arpita warns her to stop conspiring against Imlie and leaves with Sundar. Chini fumes in anger. Keya walks to her and says her act backfired and helped Imlie instead, now even she thinks Imlie is not doing any drama. She warns her to do something more wicked to get Imlie out of this house.

Chini fixes cameras in Imlie’s room to catch her lies red handed. She hears someone coming and trying to hide drops a show piece on floor. Atharva walks in with a diary. Chini hdies in balcony. Atharva walks towards balcony. Chini gets tensed. Atharva draws curtains and leaves. Chini returns to her room and thinks why did Atharva bring a diary for Imlie, she needs to find out. She watches them on her laptop.

Atharva gifts a diary to Imlie and asks her to vent out all her frustration in this diary. He asks her not to bother about Chini’s negative comments as Chini only spreads negativity. Imlie asks why he trusts her so much, didn’t he think once that she can break his trust. Atharva says he believes trust means Imlie as she taught him truth, goodness, etc. She thinks she is a liar. He asks her to write something in her diary. She says let her get some thought. He writes Imlie’s diary

. She writes from Atharva ji. Atharva says everyone will think he calls himself ji. She says one should respect themselves, she will never forget that he gifted her this diary. Atharva says he will not let her forget that as he will always be with her. Chini frowns and thinks Atharva will be hurt after learning Imlie’s truth, then she will comfort him.

Rudra gets angry on Manish and says 50 lakhs are taken out of their company account. Akash walks in and asks if he called him. Rudra asks why 50 lakhs rs are transferred to a company which they don’t deal with. Akash asks him not to worry as he will handle it. Rudra says he made half of the frauds involved in their company.

Akash says he has changed now and works on Rudra’s principles. Manish asks Rudra to trust his son. Imlie sits to write her diary and recites a poem. Chini watching her on laptop screen thinks Imlie knows everything. Imlie acts as being possessed and then walking very close to camera asks Chini if she is watching her. She recites a poem again. Chini rushes to pick her mobile to record. Imlie blocks camera and walks to Chini’s room. She says new story will be written in a book and Chini will be punished.

Chini records her in her mobile. Imlie asks if she is recording. Chini says yes, she is happy that she has a sister who is a liar like her. Imlie says not like her. Chini says she should imagine how Atharva will feel when he learns Imlie’s lies. Chini says they both are liars, let us expose themselves instead of exposing each other.

Chini agrees and says she is tired of acting vamp of 2 families, now they both will be vamps. Imlie makes a deal. Next morning, Chini feels happy that Imlie will expose herself and will leave this house. Imlie prays god to help her expose Chini. Family enjoys breakfast. They both walk towards family. Chini says she wants Imlie to tell truth in front of Arto. Imlie agrees.

Precap: Imlie records Chini’s lies. Chini says she will not let her show it to Arto, snatches her mobile, and pushes her from balcony saying good bye.

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