Imlie : Chini Plans to Oust Imlie from Atharva’s Life !

Chini informs family that she has arranged valentine’s day event passes for everyone. Rudra says they don’t celebrate valentine’s day. Chini says they should for Atharva and Imlie’s sake. Ripu says just like they feel tempted seeing cake during birthday party, Imlie and Atharva will also get tempted to express their love for each other. Arpita says she wants to see how youngsters express their love and asks Chini how will she accompany them with her injury. Chini says she doesn’t want to attend and make Atharva and Imlie feel awkward. Family reaches valentine’s day celebration venue.

Atharva and Imlie walk separately. Sundar asks them to walk holding each other’s hands. They look at him. Sundar apologizes and leaves holding Arpita’s hand. A watch selling girl named Jhumki ghadi wali chats with Imlie and Atharva and says they look pretty together. She tries to sell them couple watches and explains that if they press a button, their partner will know that they need him/her. Keya yells at the girl to go away as Imlie and Atharva are not a couple and will not buy her cheap watches. Atharva stops her and buys watches. Jhumki says they should always be together and leaves.

Atharva weears watch. Imlie says he can remove it if he wants to as one shouldn’t keep things forcefully with them. Atharva says he likes it and Jhumki will feel bad if he removes it. Arpita passes by and taunts them that there would be a shower of love on them. They both look at each other’s face. Sundar takes whole family along to play games. Imlie tells Devika that she will call Shivani and find out Chini’s condition. Shivani is busy chatting with her boyfriend and tells him that they can’t celebrate valentine’s day. She sees Imlie calling, disconnects her boyfriend’s call, and yells at Imlie for calling her repeatedly. Imlie says she called to check if Cghini is fine. Shivani yells if she is so worried about Chini, she should have been at home taking care of her. She disconnects call, goes and opens Chini’s room door, and finds her sleeping covered in blanket completely.

Chini severely visits venue with a plan to harm Imlie. Sundar buys stall tickets and informs Imlie to pick her ticket at the ticket counter. Chini hearing him girns with an evil plan and replaces ticket with a hot air balloon stall ticket. Imlie reaches balloon stall. Atharva waits for Imlie. Keya taunts him that he is acting as if they are real couple, Imlie would have reached him if she really cared for him. Chini ges into hot air balloon and waits for family.

Chini punctures balloon wires and hopes Imlie never returns. She switches on balloon switch and makes it fly while operator is busy in some other work. Imlie shouts that her family hasn’t come yet and she is feeling afraid. Chini thinks family will not reach her. Imlie panics and thinks she is not alone as her parents and Seeta maiya’s blessings are with her. Balloon rope starts breaking.

Imlie presses watch button signaling Atharva for help. Ripu informs Atharva that his watch is beeping. Keya mocks Atharva. Atharva recalls Jhumki’s words and rushes to help Imlie. Chini rejoices seeing Imlie’s condition. Atharva bumps on Chini and without noticing her face says sorry and continues to search for Imlie.

Precap: Imlie loses her memory after hot air balloon accident and tells Atharva that they need to perform post wedding rituals as they married just yesterday. Doctor informs family that Imlie lost her memory post her wedding.

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