Imlie : Chini Plays Jatin , Fools Imlie !

Chini hides her purse under a wallet and messages Jatin. Imlie with Atharva walks to her and says let us go now. She asks if she stayed back at Rana house so that she can take care of her, she will stay with her at the hospital until she gets well. She holds Chini and takes her along. Rudra and Devika watch them going. Devika says she couldn’t understand what Chini is up to and prays god to protect them from Chini’s conspiracy. Imlie takes Chini towards car. Chini says she forgot her wallet. Atharva and Imlie to bring it. Jatin drives in. Chini gets into his car and leaves thinking Ms Shutlik/Imlie doesn’t know what she is up to.

Imlie and Atharva return and find Chini missing. Family joins them, and they all search for Chini. Rudra tells Devika that he feels Chini is not in trouble, but putting them into trouble. Imlie calls Chini, Chini switches off her phone. Jatin tells Chini that he feels happy that she returned in his life. Chini asks him to switch off even his phone before family tracks them after watching CCTV footage.

Jatin agrees and gives his phone to her. She messages Imlie that she kidnapped Chini and switches off phone. Imlie shows message to Atharva, and and he rushes in his car in search of Chini. Rathores walk in worried for Chini. Divya tells family that Chini’s inauspiciousness is getting trouble on them repeatedly.

Rudra asks Imlie to think if Chini can be kidnapped so easily from this place and asks her to use her bring and try to realize truth. Imlie thanks him and says she will find out truth and get the culprit punished. Chini asks Jatin to stop his car near a hut and says let us hide there. Jatin says who hides here instead of 5-star hotel. Chini says she is different, her family must have started searching for her, so this is the safest place. Imlie with Rudra drives car and searches for Chini. Atharva calls Imlie and asks her to return home as she doesn’t know Chini’s exact location, he will trace Chini with police’s help. Imlie asks him not to worry about her and Rudra and disconnects call.

She stops her car and meets a man who says he tracked her given car number via traffic signal CCTV cameras and found its last location nearby, so the car must be in a 3-4 km radius area. He sends CCTV footage. Imlie thanks him. Rudra asks who was that man. Imlie says he is Bhaskar Times’ investigative reporter. She stops near the hut doubting any kidnapper would chose such a place for hideout. Chini checks into the hut. Jatin offers his stolen diamond necklace to her as a token of his love for her. She asks him to fix it in her neck. Rudra peeps into hut and notices them together, he thinks both Chini and Jatin should go to jail, it would be painful for Imlie when she learns her sister’s truth.

Chini notices Imlie, starts acting, and pleads Jatin to spare her. Jatin stands shocked. Imlie barges in and beats Jatin for trying to molest her sister. Jatin shocked says Chini is lying. Chini shows her fake injuries and says Jatin did it. Imlie gives a speech on woman power. Atharva walks in with police and trashes Jatin for kidnapping Chini. Rudra stops him, and police takes Jatin away. Chini continues to play her victim card.

Imlie takes her home. Rathores show concern for Chini. Rupali says she will take care of Chini and wouldn’t let her get down the bed. Imlie says Chini will stay at Rana house as she got injured here, she will take care of Chini, etc.. Chini thinks if Imlie is pleadin her so much, she will stay back and create misunderstanding between Atharva and get Imlie out of Rana house.

Precap: Atharva calls Chini seeing her missed call and hopes she is fine. Chini emotionally blackmails him and insists to meet him. Atharva walks towards Chini’s room when Imlie stops him.

Update Credit to: MA

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