Imlie : Chini’s Murderous Attempt on Imlie !

Imlie looks at divorce papers, picks pen with her shivering hand, and thinks she is not sitting for an English exam that her hands are shivering. She tries to sign divorce papers, but pen doesn’t work. Keya praises Chini for her wicked move and acting. Chini says a coat of goodness is her favorite outfit, even Keya should wear it to get into family’s good books; she describes how she acted as being good with Arto and Imlie and convinced Arto to divorce Imlie.

Imlie walks in and says she knew Arto himself cannot think all this. Chini taunts her to leave her self-respect aside and shamelessly not divorce Arto then. Imlie warns to expose her truth, shows their confession video, and leaves room locking it from outside. Chini tries to run behind her. Keya says they should get via window and stop Imlie.

Arpita feels sad that she is letting Imlie’s divorce paper and says she can’t face her brother and SIL when she goes up. A chandelier repairman gets busy pairing it. Imlie walks towards family. Atharva hopes Imlie would have signed papers by now. Chini loosens chandelier rope and it falls on Imlie’s head. Imlie shouts Atharva ji and falls down injured and unconscious. Atharva and whole family rush to her concerned. Keya and Chini silently join family.

Devika and Arpita scold chandelier repairman for his mistake. Repairman says he doesn’t know how rope loosened and pleads to forgive him. Atharva lifts Imlie and heads towards car. He finds all cars locked and asks for keys. Chini silently runs back in and hides keys. Family searches for keys. Rudra books taxi. Atharva carries Imlie towards hospital. Chini wathces from behind and thnks Atharva will lose the race.

Atharva walks on road pleading passing vehicles for help and Imlie to open her eyes. He panics when no one stops car and Imlie doesn’t open her eyes. He lifts her again and passes by a holy procession. A lady asks what happened to his girl. Atharva says she suffered an injury and needs to reach hospital. Lady asks him to lie Imlie on a cart as Seeta maiya will protect her. Atharva says Imlie also loves Seeta maiya. They ask if he loved her so much, Seeta maiya will protect her for sure.

He pulls cart towards hospital pleading Imlie to wake up. He goes into flashback where discusses with Imlie how much he loves her poems and requests her to continue writing poems. He asks her which is her favorite poem. She says she can recite this poem even in her sleep and recites poem. Out of flashback, he asks to wake up and recite poem as promised.

Atharva reaches hospital. Doctors treat Imlie. Atharva watches from glass window. Roke Na Ruke Naina.. song plays in the background. Atharva pleads Imlie to wake up for him and recalls quality moments spent with her. He smiles and says her memories made him smile, she is a fighter and should fight for her life, she had climbed a rope for him and even took a bullet on him, etc..

Precap: Doctor informs family that Imlie should know the truth if she wants to get well. Devika asks what kind fo truth.
Chini thinks now she will see what Imile will do. Doctor informs Imlie that her and Atharva’s were going through a divorce. Imlie thinks her truth will be out in front of everyone today, what shall she do now.

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