Imlie : Chini’s Trick Fails ; Imlie Gets a Shocker !

Imlie grinds turmeric/haldi for Chini and thinks she is also getting crushed like this turmeric, let anyone say whatever they want to, she will describe her own story. Keya asks Chini to get her haldi ceremony. Chini laughs saying let Imlie continue to crush stones thinking its haldi, she will enjoy her haldi ceremony with Atharva. Rupali walks in and asks which haldi is this, Imlie is crushing haldi for her with so much difficulty. Anu says its from Abhishek’s house. Chini says she will use only hand pounded haldi for her face. Rupali leaves. Abhishek’s haldi ritual starts. Shivani notices Atharva standing sadly and tells Rudra that if he had not forced Atharva to marry Imlie, Atharva would have been happy. Rudra asks her to stop it now. Atharva thinks if Imlie is trying to avoid Chini’s function of him, he will confront her right now.

Chini walks towards Atharva thinking cheesy boy will understand that she is the best choice for him only with a cheesy way. Imlie finds hard to grind haldi and grinds it in a mixer. She finds stones in haldi powder and realizes that Chini knew that she will not let Rupali grind haldi and hence tricked her to waste her time here while she plans something. She rushes inside house to confront Chini.

Chini heads towards Atharva and is about to drop halid bowl on him when Imlie slips on a mat and falls down. Chini drops haldi bowl in shock. Atharva runs towards Imlie catching haldi bowl, helps her sit, and applies haldi on her injured hands. Family rushes to them. Arpita says they are made for each other. Chini burns in jealousy seeing that.

Rudra tells Devika seeing Atharva and Imlie’s bonding, it looks like its their haldi. Devika expresses her concern seeing his attraction towards Chini and thinks she really doesn’t know what he wants. Rudra hopes Atharva chooses Imlie. Imlie takes grounded haldi to Chini’s room. Chini asks what is this. Imlie says its Chini’s crushed dreams and says she can crush a mountain for her friend, forget a few pebbles. Chini challenges that soon she will be marrying Atharva right in front of Imlie.

Imlie says she will not let Atharva ruin his own life. Chini asks her to accept that she loves Atharva. Imlie recalls quality moments spent with Atharva and says she is concerned for her friend and wouldn’t mind if he takes an informed decision. Chini challenges her that soon she and Atharva would be expressing their love for each other in front of everyone, Imlie’s won’t be able to do anything. Imlie walks away saying lets see and thinks she needs to protect Atharva from Imlie at any cost.

Back to her room, Imlie tries to bandage her wrist wound. Atharva passes by and walks towards her room to help her. She closes door and says she needs to rest. Atharva insists her to let him help her. Imlie says she needs to take decisions of her life alone, so he should let her alone. Atharva stands disheartened. Imlie thinks she is a fool to hurt Atharva like this, she should go away from Atharva but not like this.

She opens door and doesn’t find him, thinks she has to go away from him or else she will continue to hurt herself and him. Chini drags Atharva away. Atharva asks what is she doing, he was talking to Imlie. Chini says today is her wedding with Abhishek. He says the world is not ending though. Chini says her end will end if she marries Abhishek, even his world and he would be searching for his hookline forever. She threatens to end her life if he doesn’t marry her.

Precap: Chini insists Atharva to say her I love you at least now. Imlie searches for Chini. Chini says she heard his love for her in his silence, so he doesn’t have any anything. Imlie drops pooja thali in shock hearing that.

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