Imlie: Family Divided Over Pranav; Imlie Highly Suspicious of Pranav

Imlie enters kitchen and seeing Pranav there asks what is he doing in kitchen. He says he was preparing tea for Rupali. She says everyone had tea 30 minutes ago. He says he is preparing tea which Rupali likes. Radha walks in and takes him away. He thinks Radha saved him from village spy. Imlie picks water pot and throws water in kitchen sink without noticing paint from Pranav’s hand in sink. Radha calls her relatives and informs them about Pranav’s return and Rupali reaccepting him. She informs that relatives are coming to bless Rupali and Pranav. Aparna says they are seen Rupali’s pain and tears each day, then how can Radha easily forgive Pranav and send Rupali with him.

Radha says its Rupali’s decision, she didn’t divorce him and was expecting his return since years, so they should send her away with Pranav. Malini say she is right, they should give Pranav and Rupali’s relationship another chance as she knows how it feels to separate from husband and his family after marriage, etc. Harish says they shouldn’t be in a hurry to take any decision. Aparna and Pankaj back him. Radha says they shouldn’t delay in good deeds.

Imlie walks towards Adi’s room hesitantly to inform him about her observation. Adi notices her and asks why she is thinking so much to meet him. She says she was just checking if he is in room or not. He asks if she wants to say something. She says she fears that he will not believe her as usual. He asks if she will not forgive him and speak like before. She says she doesn’t think Pranav is good, how can Rupali forgive him so easily after what he did. Adi says even he cannot tolerate Pranav around Rupali, but its Rupali’s decision whether to forgive Pranav or not; how can he ask Rupali not to forgive Pranav when he himself is seeking Imlie’s forgiveness; Imlie should fight with her and react, but stop being away from him. She says how can she forget his betrayal, etc., and says she will not let Rupi suffer betrayal again. Adi asks what will she do.

Pranav tries to take out pen drive from god’s idol when Rupali notices him and asks what is he doing here. He says he was thanking god that she forgave him, asks if she trusts him or not. She says she doesn’t know. Imlie enters and says they trust whom they know well. Rupali says she knows Pranav since years. Imlie says she should know how well she knows Pranav. Rupali asks how. Imlie says by questioning him. Family gathers. Radha asks Imlie if will test Rupali and Pranav’s when they are married for many years. Imlie says yes as people change instantly, looking at Adi. Harish, Aparna, and Pankaj back her.

Imlie questions Pranav and Rupali via quiz. They answer only 2 questions right and remaining wrong. Pranav says her choices were what he wrote down. Rupali says her preferences changed. Malini says Rupali’s preferences were same when they were together. Imlie says Pranav answered only 2 questions right and remaining wrong, so they will not send Rupali with Pranav until he increases his numbers. Malini says Pranav is still this house’s son-in-law and Imlie is insulting him.

Aparna says what is a bigger insult than a married daughter returning home, they cannot send their daughter with Pranav until he proves himself. Pankaj backs him. Harish says Pranav with still with them until Rupali herself decides to move out with him. Pranav thanks T family for giving him a chance. He then challenges Imlie that whatever she tries, he will win for sure. She thinks something is wrong with him. He thinks he can’t make MLA wait and should give him pen drive soon.

Precap: Adi informs family about MLA helping drug smugglers. Harish asks him to tell MLA’s name. Adi says Adarsh Kanth. Pranav’s phone rings.

Update Credit to: MA

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