Imlie: Gashmeer Mahajani Dismisses Rumors of Quitting

TV show ‘Imlie’ is one of the leading shows on Indian Television today. The show has been among the top three in terms of TRP ratings and viewership. It features talented actors Gashmeer Mahajani, Sumbul Touqeer Khan, and Mayuri Deshmukh in the leads as Aditya, Imlie, and Malini respectively. The show has managed to gather recognition over its course.

Recently, reports of the lead actor Gashmeer Mahajani exiting from the show soon were doing the rounds. However, Gashmeer has finally put an end to the rumors surrounding him quitting the show.

Putting an end to the rumours, the actor says, “The show has given me a lot of recognition and visibility which I tremendously value, so no, I am absolutely not quitting the show. I would like to explain that the whole idea is to enjoy the work we do. I believe that you cannot win people over by sweet-talking to them but by the way you work. Once you do your work right, celebrating that one perfect shot together, immensely connects the whole crew. That being said, any kind of rumours pertaining to me quitting the show, me having creative differences, or me being the person I am in real life makes zero to no difference at all. All of these rumours go right out of the door in that case.”

He further adds, “Honestly, nobody cares about these rumours if you work efficiently and that is all that matters. I hear a lot of fake news making the rounds but, my entire universe revolves around me and my work and that is all I will ever care for. No matter what. Also, the gossip seldom reaches me. The people around me do not engage me in it as everybody knows I hardly ever pay attention to such things. Until the time a project keeps me excited, I shall keep striving for it. We are all just very happy with each other at the moment, with regards to the way we work and that’s that.”

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