Imlie: Harry Finds the Truth About Imlie & kairi

Aryan notices Imlie sleeping and getting closer to her asks her to drop her anger and reconcile their differences. Sundar lying disguised as Imlie gets nervous hearing his voice. Imlie returns to the room and enjoys the drama. Sundar signals her to manage the situation.

Aryan apologizes Imlie and tries to hug her. Sundar falls from bed. Imlie hurriedly crawls on her stomach under the bed and stands up, replacing Sundar. Aryan emotionally apologizes her again and says he had been in police station on allegations of trying to burn Madhav’s house. Imlie says she trusts him, but couldn’t get evidence for him. He doesn’t need any proof now and asks if she can spend time with him and have breakfast with him. She agrees and hugs him.

After some time, Kairi/Imlie gets busy cooking in the kitchen when Jyoti walks in. Kairi greets her good morning and says she was about to bring her lemonade to ward off her hangover, recalling last night’s event. Jyoti asks if she is so much worried for her.

Kairi asks why shouldn’t she when they re friends now. Jyoti says she remembers everything and asks if she can do something for her as a friend. Kairi says she can do anything for her. Jyoti asks her to murder Imlie and cut her into small pieces, then she will gift her gold bangles of her weight. Kairi munches due to nervousness. Jyoti asks what is she doing. Kairi says she is tying to increase her weight. Jyoti leaves.

Jyoti orders Harry to kill Imlie today. Harry says Imlie is pregnant. Jyoti asks if he is Imlie’s brother that he is worried for her and says Kairi will be blamed instead. During breakfast, Kairi informs Jyoti that she killed Imlie and made 55 pieces of her, so Jyoti needs to give her 55 tolas of gold. Jyoti excitedly opens the bowl and finds tamarind/Imlie pieces in it.

Narmada asks what happened. Kairi says Jyoti ordered her to make small pieces of tamarind. Jyoti angrily orders her to get out of her sight. Kairi leaves to get ready as Imlie and have breakfast with Aryan. Jyoti next orders Harry to kill Imlie as Kairi failed. Harry leaves.


Imlie returns to her usual avatar, forgetting removing Kairi’s wig, and prays Seeta maiya to protect Aryan. she then removes the wig and folds Kairi’s clothes when Harry enters her room via window holding a cleaver and is shocked to know that Imlie is Kairi. Imlie gets tensed.

Harry walks towards her and asks why was she acting as Kairi. Imlie says she knows his and Jyoti’s intention. He tries to attack her. She calls Aryan. He grips her and says she has to die or else Jyoti will not spare him. Imlie pushes him away and says he will kill 2 lives. He says cannot kill anyone, but has to kill her to save himself from Jyoti.

Aryan gets worried for Imlie and heads towards her room. Jyoti acts as falling down to stop him till Harry kills Imlie. She says her leg must have been fractured and asks Aryan to take her to the hospital. Aryan asks Sundar instead to take her to the hospital.

Jyoti says she feels fine and thinks how to stop him till Hary killls Imlie. Harry continues to attack Imlie, and Imlie continues to resist. Aryan heads towards Imlie’s room. Harry says he doesn’t have any option than killing her and attacks her. She shouts. Aryan hears that and stands shocked.

Precap: Aryan runs towards Imlie’s room and looks shocked seeing something.

Update Credit to: MA

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