Imlie : Imlie Becomes Aware of Malini’s Agenda !

Aditya tells Malini that they both knows there is no relationship between them except friendship and this should proven legally, he doesn’t want to keep any doubt in his wife’s mind. He asks her to sign divorce papers. Anu says he is so shameless to seek divorce from his pregnant wife. Adi says she shouldn’t talk about shame, Malini is pregnant but not his wife, he wants everyone to know who his wife is, their divorce should have happened long ago, he doesn’t want any doubt in his wife’s mind and hence he wants to say that only his wife has right on him and his love.

Tripathis rejoice and say he took a right decision. Anu asks Malini not to sign on any papers. Malini walks to Adi and signs divorce papers. Adi thanks her. Malini asks not to thank him as she did it for herself, in fact she had started the process long ago, she wants to regain her sister and family’s trust. Aparna says she showed a big courage by signing documents, she will be always her daughter. Dulari tells Mithi that she was right that Malini is not like her mother. Pankaj thanks Malini for her brave move. Radha takes everyone on terrace for karva chauth rituals. Adi requests Imlie to trust him at least now. She smiles.

Imlie enters Malini’s room and hearing her speaking to someone over phone about about crowd at home asks if she called a kidnapper. Malini says she called her personal mehandi designer for Imlie’s first karva chauth celebration. Imlie says when there is no hidden camera here, why she is acting. Malini says she is not acting, why can’t she trust her. Imlie says until she exposes her in front of Adi, she will not trust her. Malini asks how to gain her trust. Imlie says she knows why she signed divorce papers.

Malini says it used to hurt whenever Adi used to call their relationship as on papers, so she signed them; Imlie is right that she was acting as good girl. Imlie says she knew she hasn’t changed. Malini says she has changed, Dev’s words were true that Adi will come closer to her via this baby. Imlie asks if she will betray Adi again. Malini says her baby is Adi’s blood and if she is so worried about her and baby, she should get out of their and Adi’s lives. Imlie says she will not give her most precious thing to a dacoit and will expose her truth. Malini asks if she thinks Adi will trust her. Imlie says let us see and walks out seeing Anu entering room. Anu praises Malini and says now she understood her plan.

Rupali forcefully takes Mithi and Imlie to apply mehandi by designers. Anu gets angry and asks Mithi if she will write her murderer husband’s name on her hand. Dulari and Imlie try to frighten her. Malini enters with mehandi. Aparna asks why is she straining herself. Malini says even she wants mehandi applied. Aparna asks designer to apply mehandi on Malini first. Malini grins at Imlie. Imlie walks away. Adi in his room tries to write Imlie’s name on his hand. Sundar enters and starts his jokergiri.

Adi requests not to inform anyone. Sundar brings Harish, Pankaj, and Nishant and after much drama asks them to write their wives’ name on their hand like Adi. They agree. Adi walks away and noticing Imlie walks to her. Imlie says he should believe that Mailni hasn’t changed. Adi says Malini already signed divorce papers. Imlie says Malini wants to reclaim him via her baby, so she acted as signing divorce papers. Adi says she started again. She tries to convince him, but he says he already told her that a mother cannot do wrong with her baby, he cannot believe Malini will do anything wrong after signing papers. She says he doesn’t trust her without a proof, so she will get him a proof. Adi looking at Imlie’s name on his hand thinks whenever he tries to get closer to her, a new misunderstanding arises.

Ladies continue applying mehandi. Dulari says its difficult to stay without a husband, she is happy for them all and prays for their happy married life forever. Radha thanks her and asks everyone to write down their husband’s names. Rupali cries hearing that. Imlie asks her not to cry and write down a person’s name whom she loves, she suggests to write down actor Sidharth Malhotra’s name as she is fond of him.

Rupali shies. Dulari asks designer to write down her husband’s name on it. Imlie sits next o Malini. Malini says she should have informed Adi and he wouldn’t have trusted her. Rupali asks Imlie to write down Adi’s name on her hand. Malini gets Adi’s name written on her hand and waving it at Imlie tries to leave. Imlie shouts stop. Whole family gathers. Malini asks if she wants same mehandi design. Imlie shows Malini’s hand to Adi and asks why is Adi’s name written on Malini’s hand.

Precap: Imlie tells Adi that she is alerting him that Malini will betray him, so he should send her to her parents’ house. Adi denies.

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