Imlie : Imlie Exposes Akash in front of Rana’s !

Imlie tells Atharva that they can’t judge people based on their financial status and considers others lesser than them is a big sin. Atharva says she is right, he needs to confront Akash. Akash drives his car home feeling good thinking he dumped his sin on Dhairya and thinks what can he do if poor is made to pay for rich’s sins.

Atharva with Imlie reaches home and insists Akash to speak to him right now. Devika runs out to him panicked and points inside home. Dhairya locks the house from inside and breaks things to relatiate Akash’s act. His aide notices a gold watch and asks if he can keep it. Dhairya says they came here to break the house and not steal. Aide says let us break things then.

Atharva tries to break the door open. Imlie tries to open the door with her hair pain. Dhairya opens door. Atharva holds Dhairya’s collar and shouts how dare he is to break his house. Dhairya says his brother broke his house, so its a relatiation. Atharva says he would have apologized him for his brother’s act, but he made his mother cry.

Dhairya says even his brother made his mother cry, why law is inequal for rich and poor. Akash provkes Rudra against Dhairya and asks why is he listening to an employee who stole their 50 lakh rs.

Dhairya says he didn’t steal, considers Rudra as his guru, and will never compromise on his dignity. Keya shouts that he broke their costly show pieces and is wrongly accusing Akash. Imlie says Dhairya is not lying as his mother told he was with her when they were attacked and they were present when Rudra’s goons attacked Dhairya’s house.

Atharva says yes. Rudra lets Dhairya go. Akash says he is trusting a employee and a new comer Imlie. Rudra slaps him repeatedly and dismisses him from company forever.

In the evening, Agtharva walks to Imlie and notices her writing poem. She recites a poem for him. He claps and says she is a voice of deprived. Imlie says she is happy that he could help Dhairya or else nobody listens to poor. Atharva says he wants to talk to dad to do something for employees’ benefit. She says that is a good idea. He coughs. She goes to bring water for him and hears Rudra discussing with Manish about Akash’s frauds and says a father’s heart never accepts son’s misdeeds.

Rudra notices her and smiles. Imlie asks if she can help him. Rudra asks him to just smile and concentrate on her and Atharva’s relationship. Imlie thinks how can she smile when he is tensed. She next passes by Devika’s room and hears Shivani asking Devika to forgive Akash and Devika telling that all children are busy in their own tasks, who will take care of their family business. She walks in and says she understands maa and papa’s concern and has found a solution.

Atharva writes a song and composes it. Imlie returns to him and says she wants to talk to him. He asks her to go ahead. She says she wants to talk about papaji and says when father’s shoulders are lowered with burden, its children’s responsibility to support him; they can’t trust Akash, so Atharva should support his father in business a few days taking out some time from his music. Atharva says he understands what she means, but he doesn’t have any knowledge about business. Imlie says should try and reminds Rudra’s sacrifices for him.

Precap: Atharva gets ready for office and tells Rudra that he doesn’t have to worry until his son is alive. Rudra’s rival try to mislead Dhairya.

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