Imlie : Imlie Gets Arrested !!

Chini asking Kairi if the latter didn’t miss her at all. Kairi says she missed her but she is here to find her mother. Chini says they can find her mother in Goa as well. Kairi thinks but her mother is here. She says she is hungry to which Chini calls someone to bring food for her. She tells Kairi that someone special is going to come with yummy food for her.

There Devika asks Arto about Chini being Kairi’s mother or not. Arto lies to her that she is Kairi’s mother only and Devika asks him why he moved on with her. He replies when he came out of coma Chini took care of him and when he returned to meet his family then he saw everyone already moved on without him.

Arto says they thought he is dead. Devika says Imlie disappointed them a lot and Chini brought back her son thus she will be grateful towards her always. She says Kairi has good qualities like her father. Arto thinks he can’t reveal it to her that Kairi got her good qualities from her mother Imlie. There Kairi thanks Imlie for bringing lot of food for her. Imlie showers love upon her and Chini feels jealous seeing them. Anu brings food and asks Chini what would she do with it now? Kairi is still attached to Imlie without knowing Imlie is her mother.

When the truth will get revealed Chini will lose everything. She tells her to separate Imlie and Kairi. Chini says she can’t live without Kairi and Arto. Rudra comes and says he let her come in despite her bad deeds as she is Kairi’s mother. Anu interrupts saying Imlie ran away with Chini’s daughter and he should keep his daughter in law away from Kairi. Chini tells her to calm down. Anu warns Rudra. Devika tells Arto to stay at Rana House with Chini and Kairi. She won’t let them go as they are here after so many years.

Arto says he is bound to leave and he can’t stay back. Kairi thinks how can she leave without meeting her mother. She convinces Imlie to tell Arto that she doesn’t want to go now. Kairi takes Imlie to Arto so that she can stop him from leaving. Arto goes out in rush and bumps into Imlie. He saves her from falling and they share an eye lock.

Kairi claps saying Arto saved Imlie like hero saves heroine in films. Arto says that’s true in films not in real life. Kairi says Imlie wants to talk to him and Arto says he wants to ask her several things too. But not here. Doorbell rings and everyone gets shocked seeing cops out there.

Arto says Imlie will get arrested for kidnapping her daughter. Rudra asks him why is he doing that. Arto says he talked to him for the first time after he entered the house. But that too about Imlie. Arto says he cant take risk with his daughter’s safety. Rudra didn’t bother to find his son but he can do anything for his daughter.

Imlie says she did nothing but Arto doesn’t respond. Dhairya tries to talk to Arto but the latter tells him to shut up. She thinks since when Arto changed this much that he completely hates her and gave her place to someone else. Kairi is not ready to let go Imlie. She runs towards Imlie and holds her hand before she leaves. Arto asks Kairi to let her go but in vain.

Precap- Imlie blames Arto for giving her place to someone else and he always chose someone else over her since the beginning. Devika tells them to take divorce.

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