Imlie : Imlie Gets Divorce Papers !

Atharva looks at the divorce papers and thinks Imlie shouldn’t hate him for this step, he can’t imagine a life without her and don’t now how he will do all this. Chini walks to him and asks if he is okay. He says nothing, just a work stress. Divorce papers fall in front of her. She grins seeing them and then acting shocked asks if he is divorcing Imlie. He says he is freeing her.

She says he should find some other way as Imlie likes him. He says she doesn’t love him though. She thinks Imlie does, but she will not inform him. She suggests him to speed up this process or else he and Imlie would be hurt more. She walks out and thinks her plan worked so soon, she love her life. Atharva thinks Chini is right.

Atharva walks towards Imlie’s room thinking he wants to spend time with Imlie. He recalls Chini’s suggestion and thinks like Chini even he has to think about her betterment. He is about to knock her room door when she opens door and says she knew he would come and asks him to come in. She think something is bothering him, how to question him when she herself is hiding Chini’s truth. He thinks how to tell her that he wants divorce from her, asks if she will forget him after going away.

Imlie says she can’t promise him as promise can be broken, remembering him is her top priority. Envelope falls from his hand. She asks what kind of papers are these. He says work-related papers and tries to leave. She asks if he will take care of himself in her absence. She says he will try but can’t promise. She think she will protect him from chini before going from here.

Chini hopes Atharva would have give divorce papers toImlie and eagerly waits to hear Imlie’s cries. Atharva walks to his room. She asks if he didn’t give divorce papers t Imlie. He says he couldn’t. She steals envelope and drops it in Imlie’s room. Imlie picks it and recalls Atharva holding it. She opens envelope and is shattered to see divorce papers. She walks out and finds no one.

Chini hides and thinks now even Imlie’s Sita maiya can’t help her, she will be so busy crying that she won’t think of exposing me, she should pack her bags and leave from Rana house. Imlie thinks she had already packed her bag, but Atharva didn’t let her go; she starts crying and thinks even news paper man knocked door before dropping new paper, but Atharva didn’t. She notices Athharva walking towards Chini’s room and thinks maybe he is finding his better future with Imlie.

Atharva walks to Chini and says he is not finding divorce papers. Chini says she gave it to Imlie. Atharva asks why? Chini plays emotional drama showing her fake concern for Imlie and she wants to free her younger sister from suffering and hence gave papers to Imlie. Atharva leaves. Chini smirks. Atharva meets Imlie again. Imlie asks why he looks tensed. He says he got habituated to her, but its better if she stays away from him; he feels weird and wants to.

She sas to stop her. He says yes and says she had packed her suitcase since a long but now when its time to leave, she can’t take her steps out. Imlie says she can’t go away from his parents and asks him to accept that he fell in her love. He says she loves him instead and should accept it. She holds his hand and asks him to accept truth and stop her. He gets closer to her.

Imlie and Atharva sitting their rooms realize its their imagination. She thinks she should stop dreaming and accept that Atharva wants her to leave this house, she should give him what he wants for the last time. He thinks he is giving her something for the first time, her freedom; he would rather shatter but not stop her. Chini rejoices in her room and hopes Imlie signs divorce papers tomorrow and ends her story with Arto.

Next morning, Shivani feels irritated hearing chandelier repair sound in a living room. Devika says repair work was necessary. Shivani says a few things should be better changed than repaired and asks Atharva if she is fine. Atharva informs that he sent divorce papers to Imlie. Rudra and Devika are shocked to hear that. Keya says it would be good for Atharva and Imlie. Arpita and Sundar enter and are shocked to hear about divorce. Shivani informs them that Atharva is divorcing Imlie. Keya says Imlie would have signed divorce papers by now. Imlie signs papers.

Precap: Imlie loses her memory after hot air balloon accident and tells Atharva that they need to perform postwedding rituals as they married just yesterday. Doctor informs family that Imlie lost her memory post her wedding.

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