Imlie : Imlie Gets Suspicious of Chini !

Imlie’s watch loosens on hot air balooon’s leaking pipe and gas starts escaping agian. Atharva and Imlie panic. Rathores and Ranas get worried seeing balloon falling down. Sundar calls helpline number. Devika feels dizzy, and family makes her sit aside. Chini thinks her Arto will also die because of Imlie. Keya and Akash smirk. They all hold a net for balloon’s safety landing. Imlie says balloon is going in opposite direction. Atharva frees some weight bags from balloons, holds Imlie’s hand, and says everything is perfect now. Imlie hugs him tightly when balloon shakes. Atharva says when they came closer, even wind changed its direction. Balloon catches fire. Atharva tells Imlie they need to jump from the balloon right now and asks Imlie to jump first. Imlie says he should first. Atharva asks her not to argue much and jump down. Imlie holds his hand. They both slip and fall safely into net.

Arpita hugs Imlie and asks if she is fine. Imlie says yes and notices Chini among crowd. Sundar jokes that both sisters think themselves as birds, one is jumping from terrace and another from balloon. Rudra says let us go home now. Chini walks near her car and fumes that Imlie failed her plan and walking calmly home in style. She hurries in her car to reach home soon before family reaches. Imlie finds Keya’s card number 6 and thinks who changed her card number to 9, thinks it must be Chini recalling seeing her there. She asks Atharva to let her drive eand speeds car thinking she should reach some fast to catch Chini red-handedly if she is really the culprit. She is about to overtake Chini’s car when a truck stops in between.

Sundar notices Imlie overspeeding, calls her, and asks her to slow down and follow traffic rules. Imlie agrees and takes a short cut. Chini’s car breaks down and she panics thinking Imlie will catch her. She walks towards home praying god to make her reach home soon before Imlie. Atharva asks Imlie why is she speeding. Imlie says she is feeling hungry. Atharva offers her chips. Imlie says she needs rotis and feels sorry for lying ot him. She reaches home and seeing distance from terrace to floor thinks Chini also fell down from a distance like she did, then how did she suffer only minor injury. She thinks something is wrong which she needs to find out. Family reaches next. Shivani walks to them and asks how was the event. Keya says how will it be when Imlie is there. Imlie rushes towards Chini’s room. Shivani fails to stop her.

Imlie is surprised to Chini in her room. Chini recalls how she reached her room via window while Shivani stops Imlie. Imlie asks if she was at home itself. Chini says yes and says she feels happy for Imlie and Arto. Imlie thinks maybe Chini was at home itself, she is doubting her unnecessarily. She then notices soil on Chini’s foot and asks her. Chini thinks Imlie can’t stop spying and lies that she had gone to garden as she was feeling bored. Imlie leaves confused. Atharva brings food for Imlie and reminds how she turned his car into a rocket feeling hungry. Imlie thanks him and says she will have it. Atharva makes her sit and says she is more important than work, he means she is is good friend. Imlie enjoys food. Atharva goes to get water for her. Imlie thinks since they became friends, Atharva changed a lot; lets see if Chini has really changed or not.

After finishing food, she goes to garden to check and finds soil wet while soil on Chini’s foot was dry. She prays god for guidance. She finds store room door open and finds Chini’s earring on a mattress there.

Precap: Imlie loses her memory after hot air balloon accident and tells Atharva that they need to perform postwedding rituals as they married just yesterday. Doctor informs family that Imlie lost her memory post her wedding.

Update Credit to: MA

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