Imlie : Imlie & Aryan Become Partners ; Imlie Vows to Expose Jyoti

Harry tells Imlie that if he doesn’t kill her, Jyoti will ruin his life. He attacks her, she moves aside shouting, and he falls down from the window. Aryan and family rush out hoping Imlie is fine. They find Harry lying injured on the floor. Gudiya comments that earlier Jyoti fell down and now her ex-husband.

Jyoti thinks she sent Harry to kill Imlie, but Harry himself is on the deadbed; now she herself has to kill Imlie. Nila notices her expression and asks where is she lost when her husband is about to die. Jyoti acts as concerned and asks to call the doctor. Aryan with Sundar carries Harry in and thinks why Harry went to his and Imlie’s room and fell from there.

Doctor treats Harry. Jyoti threatens Harry to accuse Imlie that she pushes him from the window or else she will kill him. Imlie thinks what is Jyoti murmuring in Harry’s ears. Harry points at Imlie and then his hand falls down. Arpita says he wants to say something. Doctor informs that Harry suffered paralysis due to a head injury. Aryan takes Imlie aside and says at the place where Harry feel down, he feels he fell from their room.

Imlie reveals that he had come to their room with a leaver to kill her. Aryan gets angry on Harry. Imlie says Jyoti is behind all this. Aryan says she supports Jyoti sometimes and sometimes speaks against her, he is confused. She asks him to be her partner for a day as per his wish without questioning her. He agrees and shakes hand with her.

Madhav with his mother packs his bags to leave the city and gets afraid seeing someone at the door. Imlie walks in with Aryan and asks Madhav not to worry as its her. She tells Aryan that Madhav was attacked thrice. Aryan assures Madhav that he is safe and asks if Jyoti got him attacked. Madhav lies that Jyoti didn’t do anything. Imlie is shocked.

Aryan gets angry on Imlie and says Madhav did wrong with her and he will not spare Madhav. He says he knows Madhav’s Pagdandiya address and Madhav will be punished for his sins for sure. Imlie gives her oath to Aryan and asks him not to say anything to Madhav. Madhav just says he didn’t do anything. Imlie sends Aryan away and asks why did he lie.


Madhav recalls Jyoti threatening to kill his mother if he takes her name in front of Aryan and Imlie and ordering him to leave the city with his mother before Aryan and Imlie reach there. He tells Imlie that Jyoti is a mad woman who threatened to kill his mother, so he had to keep his mouth shut. Imlie apologizes him and his mother and promises to protect them in Pagdandiya and expose Jyoti’s truth.

Jyoti scolds Hary and Kairi for failing to execute Imlie. Kairi says she is not a slug and has got an information for her, but needs gold bangles before that. Jyoti frowns and gives her gold bangle. Kairi says Harry didn’t fall from the window, but Imlie pushed him down. Jyoti says she knows that and asks her to return her bangle. Kairi says bangle is for her next task and says she will kill Imlie. Jyoti says looks like even Kairi hates Imlie and thinks Imlie deserves death. She asks how will she kill Imlie. Kairi says its no one of her business and asks her to keep the other pair of bangle ready. She leaves thinking Jyoti’s drama will end tomorrow.

Aryan recalls Madhav denying that Jyoti attacked him. Kairi walks to him and thinks his disappointment won’t last long as she found a way to get truth in front of him. She dusts his laptop to gain his attention and tries to clean his ear. He warns her to stay away from him. She asks why don’t he speak to her then and asks what should she serve him.

He asks if she can end his frustration, distance, and differences between him and Imlie and get them closer again. He then apologizes her for being rude. She says everything will be alright as nobody can separate him from Imlie and he should be courageous. She says she will bring a coffee for him and leaves blabbering.

Precap: Aryan gets romantic with Kairi, leaving her nervous. Nila watches via window and stands shocked.

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