Imlie : Imlie is Pregnant !!

Imie with Arpita, Narmada, and others visit temple for pooja after keeping Vatsavitri vrat/fast. Arpita asks Imlie how they keep fast in her village. Imlie says just like everyone does. Narmada taunts Imlie that she must not be believing in fasting. Arpita asks her why is she saying that. Imlie changes the topic and asks if she can perform parikrama. Arpita says why not and asks Gudiya why she is performing pooja when she is not married yet. Nila yells at her and says Gudiya is fasting for Aryan since childhood and if Imlie had not interfered, Gudiya would have married Aryan a bore a child by now. Imlie asks Arpita to forget it and asks Gudiya to perform her pooja. While performing parikrama, Imlie feels dizzy. Nila and Gudiya discuss that baba’s medicine is working on Imlie. Imlie faints. Everyone rush to her.

Jyoti travels in a car with Aryan. She gets Imlie’s fainted pic from her aide and thinks now Imlie can never become a mother. An old lady cheks Imlie and informs that she fainted as she is pregnant. Aryan buys gifts for Imlie and thinks Imlie is fasting for her own confidence. Jyoti asks why he is talking to himself. Aryan says he is since he met Imlie, its for good, and he knows it will continue his whole life. She checks earrings and reminds that he gifted her similar earrings earlier. He says he would have stolen it from Arpita and given to her. Madhav walks in and informs him about a sting operation by him and Imlie. Aryan asks since when they are doing this sting operation. Madhav says since 2 weeks, but finished it in a day. Aryan thanks him and says he can leave.

Jyoti provokes Aryan that Imlie kept the project a secret for 2 weeks even after staying with him all the time. Aryan says Imlie can do it, checks report, says its brilliant, Imlie gave credit to Madhav instead. Jyoti thinks he is not in love but in obsession. Back to the temple, old ladies discuss that Imlie’s MIL shouldn’t have let Imlie fast while she is pregnant and should have taken care of her. Nila curses Imlie, yells that she is infertile and just acting, and yells at the old lady. Lady challenges that Imoie is pregnant and says she has performed more deliveries than Nila’s age. Nila stands fuming. Imlie rejoices hearing about her pregnancy. Narmada feels guilty for not trusting Imlie. Arpita says they should first take Imlie to the hospital and she has already informed Sundar to reach hospital.

At the hospital, doctor checks Imlie’s reports and informs that she is pregnant. Sundar congratulates Imlie. Imlie emotionally thanks Seeta maiya. They return home. Narmada nervously asks Arpita what did doctor say. Arpita says she has become a mother. Narmada gets emotional. Imlie asks her not to say anything gnow. Narmada asks if she informed Aryan. Imlie says not yet, but will soon. She calls Aryan. Jyoti picks call. Imlie says its a good news, she is pregnant. Jyoti is shocked to see her plan failing and congratulates her. She asks if she took that medicine. Imlie says she didn’t as it crossed `12 a.m. and she needed to fast. She asks her to bring Aryan home somehow to give him a surprise. Jyoti agrees and angrily breaks a photo frame injuring her hand.

Imlie prays Seeta maiya and thanks her for the blessings she bestowed on her. Family waits for Aryan and acts nervous when he returns home and crack lame jokes. Imlie dances happily and walks towards Aryan holding a file. Aryan also walks towards her hiding an envelope behind her hand. They both start their usual nok jhok. Imlie is about to reveal him about her pregnancy when Imlie smells gas and walks to kitchen.

Jyoti cuts gas pipe to burn Imlie alive and sets on fire. Aryan rescues Imlie on time and pushes her out of kitchen. Something hits his head and he falls down injured. Imlie gets worried for her. Family rushes to him. The report Aryan was holding burns off. Imlie wraps herself with a blanket, gets into the kitchen, and rescues Aryan out.

Aryan recalls getting a printout and thinks if Imlie loved jewelry, she would have realized that her one anklet is missing. He congratulates her for becoming Bhaskar Times’ executive reporter. Imlie gets him out and they both collapse. Narmada and Arpita try to wake them up worried while others watch silently.

Precap: Aryan informs Imlie that she got a promotion. Imlie reveals even he got promotion and has become a father. Doctor informs Aryan that he is infertile.

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