Imlie : Imlie ka Hua Grihapravesh !!

Tripathis get ready for dandiya event with their partners. Malini stands with Adi and says he is looking good. Imlie says she forgot her place and forcefully making her to sit on a sofa says it would be bad for the baby if she dances, so she should rest. Aparna backs her. Dulari joins family followed by Sundar. Anu taunts Aparna that her servants got courageous and wants to dance with them as her son accepted a servant as his wife. Sundar gets sad and tries to walk way. Adi stops him and tells Anu that Sundar is his brother like Nishant and part of his family, Anu is an uninvited outsider though. Nishant plays music for Sundar and whole family dances. Anu angrily takes dandiya sticks and heads towards Imlie when Aparna stops her and whole family dances surrounding her. She pushes them away and heading to Imlie hits dandiya sticks, but unable to bear Imlie’s power her dandiya sticks fall down. Imlie jokes that she is unable to handle strong sticks and gives her balloons. Tripathis laugh on Anu, and she walks away frowning. Malini gets sad seeing Adi and Imlie’s dance and walks away crying. Aparna alerts family to watch Adi and Imlie’s dance.

Malini stands aside crying. Dev walks to her. Malini says he must be happy that his favorite daughter is accepted by her in-laws, he should leave as she doesn’t have strength to listen to his lecture. He says they themselves should fight for their happiness, she will soon realize a love parents when she will bear her own child and starts emotional chat. He finally asks her to stop running behind Adi as her first priority would be her baby, he should become old Malini who was his bestfriend, who was worried for Adi and Imlie’s relationship and just concentrate on her baby. She asks what if she couldn’t be his bestfriend and normal like before. He asks her to try.

Adi and Imlie notice family missing. Nishant and Rupali masks them and drags them aside. Imlie’s jokergiri starts. They remove mask in front of Adi’s room door. Imlie notices family standing and asks why did they kidnap him. Adi shows graha pravesh arrangements and delivers heavy dialogue. Aparna says her graha pravesh was missing, hence they all are performing her graha pravesh in Adi’s room. She requests Imlie to apologize her followed by Harish and Radha. Anu thinks its good Malini didn’t stay back to see this middle class emotional drama or else her heart would have been broken. Family asks Imlie complete her graha pravesh ritual.

Malini enters and stops her. Anu thinks Malini will stop graha pravesh. Malini says finally a day came which Imlie was waiting for, she wants to perform Imlie’s graha pravesh. Tripathi family rejoices and Harish says Imlie is accepted by both families now. Anu tries to stop Malini, but Dev stops her Malini emotionally says her baby is her first priority now and she wants her/him to get everything he/she deserves, so she wants Imlie’s support, etc. Imlie agrees. Malini performs Adi and Imlie’s aarti and congratulates them. They both walk in to room holding each other’s hand. Next day, Malini offers imlie/tamarind to Imlie reminding her that she taught her to have imlie. Imlie says this is fake imlie. Malini say shopkeeper said its real. Imlie says this time she will not fall for her tricks.

Precap: Malini tells Anu that she will be with Imlie and do whatever she could do being against her, she will act good in front of Adi’s family and make them against Imlie. Imlie tells Adi that she cannot sleep on same bed with him until she regains trust.

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