Imlie : Imlie Kidnapped !

Aryan announces that he will present the beauty peagent trophy to his wife as there no one beautiful than Imlie in the world. Everyone clap for Imlie. Contestant says he is right, Imlie helped them all without bothering about her image or else they would have been in problem due to bad makeup; Imlie taught them not to live with problems but to win
over them, hence Imlie deserves this award. Everyone clap again while Nila and Gudiya frown in jealousy. Aryan presents trophy to Imlie and seeing her tensed asks reason. Imlie reveals that someone wants to kill him. He is shocked to hear that and then sees bomb hidden in the trophy. He asks everyone to run away from here as there is a bomb in the trophy. People panic and run around. Imlie holds the trophy. Aryan asks her to leave the trophy and run away as he cannot see anything happening to her. Imlie says even she cannot see anything happening to him. Nila thinks once Imlie and Aryan die, all their wealth will be hers.

Aryan asks Imlie to obey her boss. Imlie says he is her partner. They both run out of the venue holding the trophy, looking at each other, and throw it away. It bursts in air. Aryan protects Imlie. Their eyes lock. Meri Zindagi Hai Tu.. song plays in the background. They get alert when Manav walks to them and asks if they are fine. Imlie says he is Madhav from Pagdandia who helped her in her mission. Madhav praises Imlie’s daring behavior to get evidence and risk her life. Aryan scolds Imlie for risking her life for the chip and asks what is in it. She says it has evidence. Narmada and others rush to Aryan and ask how is he. Once his attention is diverted, Purandas’ goons kidnap Imlie.

Aryan is shocked to see Imlie missing. Madhav informs that Purandas’ goons must have kidnapped her. Aryan goes in search of Imlie. Nila asks who Madhav who is he. Madhav says he is Madhav from Pagdandia who met Imlie just today and she gave him a job of helping her find the truth behind Arvind’s death. Arpita asks what does he mean. He says Seth Purandas is responsible for Arvind’s death and Imlie was gathering evidence by risking her life. Nila yells why Imlie is digging up graves. Arpita says Imlie is doing what they should have instead, Aryan got stuck in the past after Arvind’s death, Imie is help Aryan know the truth and move on. Nila yells Aryan’s life got in risk because of Imlie, she will crush Imlie. Rupali says whatever Nila tries, she cannot lessen Imlie and Aryan’s love. Aparna calls someone.

Aryan searches Imlie. Goons drag Imie into a car and drive it away. Imlie thinks she needs to protect Aryan somehow. Aryan shouts Imlie and showing her pic to people around ask if they saw this girl. Imlie peeps from car and calls him. He runs behind the car repeatedly being rammed by other vehicle and falling down. At home, Narmaa cries worried for Aryan and Imlie and says she cannot afford losing any dear one now. Aparna consoles her. Nila cries that Gudiya is missing. Rupali comments she didn’t even notice Gudiya. Arpita says Gudiya would have returned by now. Contestants walk in and thank Narmada that their lives are saved because of her family and praises Imlie. Nila yells at them to stop praising Imlie and says Aryan saved them all.

Aparna assures Narmada that Imlie and Aryan will find each other like their Pagdandia incident and will return home safely, their love will not let them lose. Aryan gets up and runs behind the car. Imlie shouts at him to go from there. Purandas’ aide Ashwin says they both seem to be in love, let him see how Aryan will Aryan reach her. Imlie thinks she needs to handover evidence to Aryan. Rupali contacts police over phone who deny to help her.

Nila continues her lewd comments on Imlie and taunts Aparna that she didn’t give good morales to her daughters as one is ruining Aryan’s life and other is sitting at home after divorce. Aparna gives her a befitting reply and shuts her mouth. She returns home with Rupali and asks her how will police search Aryan and Imlie. Rupali says Aditya can help. Sundar informs that Aditya is not at home. Aparna asks Rupali to contact Aditya and asks him to come home immediately.


Precap: Purandas’ goons take Imlie to Purandas who points gun at her.

Update Credit to: MA

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