Imlie : Imlie ko Mila Clue ; Shuru Kardi Investigation

Imlie prays god and says a seed of doubt ruins the whole crop. She says she wants to know who sow the seed of doubt in Aryan and prays god to handle the situation. Temple bell falls on a torn cheque. Imlie matches it with the remaining cheque piece she found at Madhav’s house and realizes that the culprit who attacked Madhav is at Rathore Mansion.

Jyoti walks to her in a dilapidated state. Imlie hides the cheque and asks if Harry did something to her. Jyoti acts and says she is worried for Imlie and Aryan seeing them fighting and fear if they will also separate like her and Harry. Imlie asks her why she is thinking negative, every couple is not the same, she and Aryan fight usually and it doesn’t deter their relationship.

Jyoti says seeing her and Harry’s situation, she felt she should have taken someone’s help. Imlie says she need not worry as she already has found one for help. Jyoti asks who is it. Imlie says she need not worry and will find out soon and thinks if someone messes up with her family, she will act more cleverer than them and will defeat them.

Jyoti walks to Aryan thinking if Imlie is taking someone’s help, even she has right to take help. She tells Aryan that since she and Harry are talking again, she wants to give him a chance again, so can she let Harry stay with her in Rathore mansion for some time. Aryan agrees. She thanks him, grins, and thinks Harry will not let Imlie live in peace.

Narmada weaves woolen clothes for her grandchild feeling very happy. Nila with Gudiya walks to her and provokes her against Imlie that Imlie forced Aryan to take care of her friend Madhav’s medical expenses and soon will bring her whole village here. Arpita interferes and asks Nila to stop bothering Imlie as there is nothing wrong if Imlie helps her friend. Nila walks away frowning.

Imlie looks at the torn cheque and thinks she needs to find out who is behind Madhav’s attack. Aryan walks in. Imlie thinks she will not involve Aryan in her quest. She tries to lock a window. Aryan helps her. She tries to leave. He holds her hand and hopes she breaks her silence and speaks. Imlie thinks he wants to speak, but there is nothing new which she can speak. He thinks why don’t she accept his advice. She thinks same. They both lie on bed facing each other’s back. Chup Mahi Chup Hai Ranjha… song plays in the background. They both remember the quality time spent with each other. Next morning, they find themselves sleeping hugging each other and part ways.


Harry denies to stay with Jyoti. Jyoti insists him to go and tell Aryan that he wants to give his and Jyoti’s relationship one more chance and hence wants to stay with her for some time. He refuses. She asks would he kill Imlie then. He says he would rather kill himself. She threatens to kill Nargis and his parents if he doesn’t agree.

In the living room, Sundar tells Arpita that he will take food to Madhav at the hospital. Gudiya and Nila shout that all the servants are missing. Imlie disguised as a maid Kairi wearing fake teeth enters and says she will take care of cooking and household chores. Family asks who is she. Imlie shows her face. Gudiya and Nila yell at her. Imlie starts her drama trying to entertain them. Narmada asks who is she and why did she come here. Imlie continues her drama. Jyoti asks if Imlie called her for help and even she fails to identify her.

Precap: Aryan gets concerned when Imlie doesn’t open the house. Imlie disguised as Kairi feels nervous thinking her truth will be exposed.

Update Credit to: MA

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