Imlie : Imlie Surprises Atharva !

An orphan kid tells Imlie that he feels as if he is with his mamma whenever he is with her and asks if she feels similar with someone. Imlie points at Atharva. Atharva thinks Imlie has become a puzzle of his life, but he doesn’t feel bad seeing her. Imlie says she feels Atharva is her mother’s sent gift who supports her always. She takes kids back to dance floor and dances with kids. Kids drag even Atharva on dance floor and silently tie his and Imlie’s shoe laces together. They both slip and hold each other. Chini feels jealous seeing that and vents out her frustration on vegetables in a kitchen.

Atharva walks to Chini and asks what the hell she is doing. Chini says she is cooking food for the kids. Atharva asks if she cooked whole food. Chini says Imlie still acts childish, but she acted mature since a young age and took up responsibilities; she can’t afford gifts for the kids and hence is cooking them home-made food like every year. Atharva says he thought only Imlie does all this and is surprised to see even her doing this. Chini says everyone think she doesn’t exist and consider her as a villain, Atharva wouldn’t have known that she can cook and Imlie wouldn’t have informed him at all, she is happy spreading happiness to the kids.

Atharva says he loves her and says her food is smelling good, what did she prepare. Chini gets tensed thinking she should have checked the food at least. Atharva asks if its a surprise. Imlie enters describing name of dishes and says these are her mother’s favorite dishes. She asks Chini what is she doing here. Chini says she came to get water and leaves from there. Atharva tries to leave behind Chini. Imlie stops him and says she wants to give Bhaskar Times’ responsibility to Chini, what does he think. Atharva says its a good idea. Imlie says he gave her this idea. Atharva thinks neither Imlie nor Chini is wrong, he feels as if he is doing wrong to both of them, he should reveal truth to Imlie ASAP and do justice to both of them.

Imlie gives gifts to kids and sees them off. Shivani calls her and yells at her for staying back at her parent’s house with Atharva after paghphera ritual and orders her to pack her bag and return home. Imlie stands crying. Atharva walks to her. Imlie says Shivani had called and wants her back home, so she will pack her bag. Atahrva sys he won’t take her back to his house and walks away. Imlie runs behind him and he already drives his car away. She calls him and asks him to tell her mistake that he left her alone angirly. Atharva says she gave so much to his family and orphan kids, but he can’t give her anything. Imlie says she doesn’t need anything from him. He says she should have sought explanation from him instead of apologizing. Imlie says she didn’t understand what he means.

He says he believes in love and he knows his family doesn’t respect her and she shouldn’t stay where she is not respected, so he left her at her parent’s house; she should apologize her family on his behalf and disconnects call. Imlie thinks Atharva heard her and Shivani’s conservation and thought she doesn’t get respect at his house, thinks he gets angry so easily and left without talking to her properly. Chini watches her hiding and thinks she was rejected her whole life by her family because of Imlie and feels happy seeing someone rejecting Imlie. She calls rudra and taunts him that he should print a news that Chini defeated a big businessman. Rudra asks her to be specific. Chini says he united Arto and Imlie with great difficulty, but Arto left Imlie. She laughs and thinks Arto shouldn’t fight with his dad and spoil her dream of becoming super rich.

Atharva returns home. Rudra stops him at door and asks about Imlie. Atharva says Imlie didn’t come. Rudra says if she didn’t come or he didn’t bring her and stops him from entering in. Shivani and Keya watch that. Rudra asks why didn’t he bring Imlie home after paghphera. Atharva says Rudra didn’t let him marry his love and he doesn’t love Imlie, so he left Imlie where she can get love and care she deserves.

Rudra says this house belongs to even Imlie and warns him that if he doesn’t bring Imlie back, he will not let him in. Atharva says he can’t force him to live with Imlie and betray her whole life. Rudra says life is bigger than his anger and foolishness and with Imlie’s support, he will not bear difficulties in life. Atharva says if he can trust his son even 50% he trusts Imlie, he wouldn’t have to say that; he doesn’t need Imlie’s support to correct his mistakes. Rudra shuts the door on his face. Atharva thinks he is Rudra’s son and is stubborn like him.

Precap: Jatin threatens Chini to reveal her truth to Atharva. Chini says Atharva left Imlie and wouldn’t take her back to Rana house again. Atharva lifts Imlie and carries her home.

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