Imlie: Imlie Thwarts Chini’s Plan !

Atharva asks Imlie to have her medicines silently next time without throwing any tantrums and leaves smiling. Imlie removes medicine from her mouth and throws it away thinking its not time to sleep. Chini who is watching them hiding is shocked to see that. Back to room, Chini thinks why didn’t Imlie have sleeping pill, is she planning all this to fail her plan. She recalls Imlie trying to send her out of house and asking to serve her and thinks after Imlie’s accident, she became a brand-new oversamrt Imlie, something is wrong. She calls Keya and tells her that she doubts Imlie now. Next day, Keya brings an actor to acts as doctor to expose Imlie. Actor shows his acting. Chini takes him and tells family that she feels concerned for Imlie and hence brought a specialist for her.

Doctor says he has treated many memory loss cases and usually patient’s memory doesn’t return for years. Shivani asks if they have to bear Imlie for years now. Rudra warns her to keep quiet. Doctor says they have to remind Imlie about her past to revive her memory. Atharva says their doctor suggested them not to stress Imlie’s brain or else her condition will worsen. Doctor says there can be retakes in acting and not in real life. Keya says only Atharva is unconvinced, he should agree if he wants to get Imlie well soon. Chini also insists him. Atharva agrees. Keya and Chini bring Imlie down. Atharva asks her to relax and answer doctor’s questions.

Doctor asks Imlie if she knows that her husband loves her sister and wanted to marry her, she wanted to divorce her husband and before that she lost her memory in an accident. Imlie looks tensed. Chini thinks now Imlie has to reveal truth. Imlie acts having a panic attack and says it can’t be true. Arpita asks what happened to her. Imlie thinks she learnt to answer the attacks on her and acts anxious saying she can’t believe her husband and sister are having an affair. Doctro says let him try. Atharva stops him and tells Imlie that she doesn’t have to listen to anyone, they both and their bonding is true, he will come to her whenever she calls him and hold her hand whenever she extends her hand for him. Imlie smiles at him and acts as collapsing.

Atharva warns Chini to stop now and asks Rudra to call their doctor right now. Rudra calls doctor who comes and acts as treating Imlie. Atharva scolds Chini for putting Imlie’s life at risk. Doctor asks Imlie if her plan is going well. She says yes, she is feeling guilty though for keeping family in dark, but she has to do this to expose Chini’s evil plan and protect Atharva from her.

Doctor says one has to bear pain during treatment to get well. Atharva continues his anger on Chini and says he will not spare the doctor if something happens to Imlie. He walks towards Imlie’s room. Imlie senses him coming and acts as resting and doctor testing her. Doctor scolds Atharva for stressing Imlie’s brain even after his warning. Atharva apologizes doctor and assures it will not be repeated again.

Chini informs Anu that Imlie is fine and is just acting. Anu suggests her to pinch Imlie’s weak nerve and provoke her to reveal truth. Arpita informs family that Imlie is fine now. Shivani says the are in trouble since Imlie came here. Keya says she spoke her mind out. Divya asks her not curse Imlie. Rudra says she is right. Shivani continues cussing Imlie.

Ripu says let us stop argument and throw a party for Imlie to make her feel better. Family agrees. Arpita asks what will they say Imlie. Devika says they will say its post-wedding party and Imlie will not refuse if Atharva invites her. Chini frowns hearing that and thinks let them plan a party for tomorrow, she will plan to expose Imlie.

Atharva informs Imlie that everyone wants to meet a new DIL. Imlie thinks she is not this house’s DIL. Atharva says its a reception party and she will look a bride in any dress. Imlie feels sad recalling Atharva applying sindhoor and fixing mangalsutra in her neck and looks at her empty hirline and neck.

Atharva thnks sindhoor and mangalsutra were Imlie’s wishes, he didn’t value them before and now when he does, Imlie wants to leave him. He tells her that let everyone know her and her value, so she should attend for his sake. Imlie says her poem are the best way to know her. Atharva thinks Imlie hadn’t revealed about her poetry before marriage. Imlie thinks her lie is caught.

PRecap: Chini gets jealous seeing Atharva and Imlie dancing during reception party and thinks she will expose Imlie’s drama at any cost.

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