Imlie : Imlie To Cover Aditya & Malini’s Wedding

Imlie speaks to Mithi over phone. Mithi asks if she should come there. Imlie asks her to come when she rents a house and makes all the necessary arrangements. Mithi says she is her mother and can sense her pain. Imlie cries. Mithi says she made a mistake with Dev but will not let Imlie make a mistake with Aditya; one can live without necessities but not without hope, Imlie was a hope of her life, even Imlie should dream and work hard to make it a reality. Imlie says becoming a big journalist is her dream. Mithi says she should work on her dream. Imlie says even her boss said same but was rude.

Anu visits Aryan’s office and introduces herself. He says he doesn’t meet anyone without an appointment and asks her to take an appointment from his secretary and then come back in. She does. He warns secretary that he will fire her if she lets anyone in without an appointment next time and asks her to send Anu in. Anu walks in and says she is ignoring his misbehavior as she is in a hurry and asks him to cover her daughter’s wedding in his newspaper’s page 3 section and wants Imlie to cover the wedding.

Aryan calls Imlie and briefs her. She asks whose wedding is it. Anu says her daughter Malini’s wedding with journalist Aditya Kumar Tripathi. Aryan if he had know she is Malini’s mother, he wouldn’t have let her in. Imlie denies to cover the story and walks away. Anu offers Aryan 7 crores cheque and says she knows Bhaskar Times is in losses and he can over with it. He says money doesn’t matter to him. She says it matters to his news paper and walks away to think over again.

Aryan walks to Imlie and keeps cheque in front of her. She asks what is it. He says its the loss newspaper would make if she doesn’t cover the story. She asks if he is heartless not to see her pain. He says she is heartbroken thinking Adi divorced her and marrying Malini after just a few days, she should fight her fear and overcome it to succeed in life, etc. She feels impressed, returns to his cabin, agrees to cover the story, keeps 1 rs on cheque and says its a shagun coin for her journey towards fighting her fear. She hopes even Aryan gets courage to face his pain and returns to her desk.

Pankaj consoles crying Aparna. Aparna says she was happy when Rupali got divorced as shew was getting rid off a bad man, but why Adi is separating with Imlie. Pankaj says he will realize his mistake. She asks why is he marrying Malini. He says he took a hasty decision in a hurry and will change it. She says he is getting into a trap. Door bell rings. Pankaj opens door and sees Anu with a team of wedding planners. At Aryan’s house, Arpita gets cold. Narmada and Aryan force feed her multiple medicines. Imlie walks in.

Narmada asks if she met her husband. Imlie says everything is sorted out now. Imlie offers kadha/herbal tea to Arpita for her cold. Arpita asks if its bitter. Imlie says she is habituated to bitterness, pointing at Aryan. Aryan asks if it will relieve cold in 1 dose. She says not in 1 dose, but slowly and if he needs instant relief, he should speak to her amma. Anu brings wedding planners for Malini and Adi’s wedding and starts her drama. Pankaj asks her to stop it and asks how could she enter their house uninformed. Aparna says this wedding will not happen. Adi says she wanted him to move on with Malini earlier and now wants him to wait for Imlie, he will not change his decision this time and asks Anu to start wedding preparations.

Precap: Imlie with reporters visits T house.
Adi asks what is she doing. Malini says Imlie is not this house’s bahu anymore.
Imlie says she is reporter Imlie from Bhaskar Times and walks in.

Update Credit to: MA

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