Imlie : Is Aditya Heading Towards Danger Again?

Sundar, Nishant, and Rupali act as taking committee members’ photos for newspaper interview to buy some time for Imlie to get Devimaa’s idol. Their drama continues. Committee members fall for their tricks. Malini says its time for pooja. Committee members realize its time for people’s visit and asks when will Imlie bring idol. Harish says she is on the way and asks them to continue their photo session. They fall for their tricks again. Malini leaves. Imlie with truck driver continues drying Devimaa’s idol. Truck driver requests water. Imlie walks towards home when she sees Malini giving idol to a poor family and realizes that Malini stole the idol.

At C house, Meethi with Devi performs Devimaa’s pooja and plays shank. Anu gets irritated with shank sound and asks her to stop it. Meethi says she should enter temple bending her head. Devi says positive entered their house after a long time, so Anu shouldn’t spread her negativity now. Anu says, sure they both can celebrate here while their daughter fails at C house. Meethi says Anu tried a lot before, but this time her daughter has Devimaa’s blessings. Anu says even her daughter has a mother’s blessings, let us see whom will Devimaa bless. Dev rings temple bell to ignore Anu and takes aarti from Meethi.

Imlie walks to Malini. Malini says she saw everything, what will she do now. Imlie says she stole devimaa’s idol and became bad, but she was so good before. Malini says she is good and is trying to get back her right and Aditya. Imlie asks why can’t she become her old sister and mend her ways for her baby’s sake; she knows Adi trust Malini more than her, so Malini shouldn’t break Adi’s trust; anyways they all 3 will live together after baby’s arrival. Malini asks who told her that, she will not share her husband with anymore; they both betrayed her and Imlie took everything from, so she will not be quiet and fight for her rights.

Committee members walk out fuming saying they will inform others that they had to cancel pooja because of Imlie. Imlie walks to them and says she found idol. Pankaj asks how did she. Imlie goes to get idol and finds it missing. Committee member asks where is the idol, Imlie lied to them again. Imlie thinks who stole idol now, she will disappoint Harish again. They hear shank sound, walk inside to check, and find Adi playing it in front of Devimaa’s idol. Aparna and Radha ask who brought idol here. Adi says he did. Committee member apologize Imlie and praise that they wouldn’t have found a trustable person than her. Rupali praises Imlie. Imlie asks Adi how did he get idol in. He says truck driver gave idol and informed how she prepared it in no time. Harish says now they will celebrate navratri. Committee members leave saying they will return for function with family. Dulari asks everyone to get ready and asks Rupali to give her a good sari. Aparna says she has already done that.

Adi’s informer spies on smugglers and informs him about their location. Adi asks him to send him address and informs family that he is going on an important mission. Family insists him to send someone else. Adi says there is no risk in it and leaves asking them to make pooja arrangements till he returns. Imlie stops him and says she won’t be able to leave all her work and come to save him if he falls in trouble again. He says she is a college student and not his bodyguard, she need not worry as he will return home safe and should be ready to perform aarti with him when he returns. Malini hears their conversation hiding. Imlie returns to family and gives responsibilities to each family member. They all obey her. Malini thinks Imlie is happy thinking of performing aarti with Adi, she will ruin Imlie’s dream this time.

Adi meets his informer who requests not to enter smugglers’ den as they are very dangerous. Adi asks not to worry and sends him away. He then enters building hiding from guards and killing one on his way. He notices smuggler’s meeting with MLA and records it on his camera.

Precap: Adi escapes from smugglers’ den.

Update Credit to: MA 

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