Imlie : Jealous Aditya Attempts to Hurt Imlie

Imlie performs aarti with Aryan leaving everyone shocked. Malini confronts Anu if this was her genius Imlie, Imlie doesn’t fail to grab attention. Anu says she sees Adi looking at Imlie and her plan hasn’t failed yet. Adi calls Malini and says its their marriage and they should perform pooja, some people are habituated to snatch other’s things. Malini says they can snatch things, but not love.

They perform aarti while everyone watch silently. Arpita with Narmada walks in and panics seeing lamp fire, remembering her husband’s accident. Narmada gets happy seeing Aryan and Imlie performing aarti, then sees Arpita’s condition and asks if she is fine. Arpita says she is trying to cope up. Narmada says they both look so good together. Arpita says Imlie is married, so she should stop dreaming. Narmada says whatever and continues expressing her happiness. Arpita controls her and takes her to Aparna.

Aparna thanks them for coming. Narmada says her son is also here. Aparna asks if her son is with reporter’s team. Arpita shows Aryan. Aparna stands shocked and remembers Aryan’s growing proximity towards Imlie. She says she will introduce her to her elder bahu and calls Imlie. Imlie is surprised to see Arpita and Narmada. Narmada says she is the sweet and tangy/khatti meethi imlie.

Anu taunts Aparna that she is introducing Imlie to Rathores, but doesn’t know that Imlie stays with Narmada’s son. Aparna feels angry no Anu. Aryan notices Narmad and Arpita ask what are they doing here. Narmada says her temple friend Aparna invited her. Aryan says he is here on professional duty and asks them to go home. Malini warns Aryan to be professional as she sees his personal equation with Imlie even at work. Narmada tells Aparna that she really didn’t know that Imlie is her bahu and expressing her desire to get her married to Aryan. Aparna asks not to say that as she gave shelter to Imlie. Arpita says she left her bag somewhere and goes to get in.

Sundar finds Arpita’s bag and questions guests if it belongs to them. After getting a negative answer thinks of opening it, then thinks its unethical. He clashes with Imlie and their nok jhok starts. He informs her about bag. She frightens him that there must be a bomb inside. He panics. Aprita walks in. He gets mesmerized with her beauty and imagines singing a romantic song with her.

Imlie shakes him up and says she has gone. Their nok jhok starts again and he runs behind her to punish her, then stops feeling emotional. She asks what happened to him. He says he missing her and hopes she returns back. She shows her reporter card and says if she had not moved out, she wouldn’t have become a reporter. He gets happy for her success.

Adi calls Imlie and asks her to teach him to pose with Malini like she posed with Aryan. Imlie gets emotional. Aryan encourages her not to feel disheartened and move on. Imlie tells Adi and Malini that they are posing wrong, keeps Aryan’s hand around Malini’s waist and says she thought they were just friend, but now realized that they are more than friends.

Precap: Adi kneels down in a proposing pose holding Malini’s hand to make Imlie jealous.

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