Imlie: Kairi & Imlie Headed for Delhi !

The episode starts with Kairi telling Chini that they both will find Imlie together. Chini thinks she can’t allow her to do that. There the nurse informs Imlie that Kairi is crying for her and taking her name. Imlie says why she feels connected to Kairi and her own family people lied to her but she wants to meet Kairi for one last time.

There Chini says she will bake chocolate cake for Kairi. Kairi again mentions Imlie and Chini feels bad. Imlie comes to Kairi and the latter gets delighted seeing her. Imlie tells her to fall asleep and she sings lullaby for her. Chini feels jealous seeing that and she asks Imlie to leave as Kairi fell asleep.

Imlie says Kairi is a lovely kid and good thing is She is not like Chini. Chini says she has changed now and she is really different now. Imlie says hope Kairi never knows how Chini made her different world by ruining her sister’s world. Chini thinks Imlie should leave for Delhi as soon as possible and she will be relaxed. She sends a voice message to Arto that Kairi is fine and he should not worry.

Imlie left for Rana house and that’s her problem. But Kairi will live with them only. Kairi overhears that her mother stays in Rana House. She says princess mumma also stays there with her mother maybe. She decides to go to Delhi. Chini comes to Kairi and doesn’t find her in bed.

There Dhairya says he booked a private jet and he asks Imlie to go back with Ranas. Imlie says she felt betrayed and she is not interested to take their help. She can handle the situation alone as she is strong like her mother and will go to Delhi alone. Kairi hides seeing Chini there and she goes after Imlie. Chini fears what if Imlie took Kairi away.

She searches for her and on the other hand Imlie sits in the bus being disheartened. She says how would she deal with all the betrayal. Kairi hears from the conductor that she can’t go in bus without a ticket. Chini asks Kairi to come out of a room thinking the latter is playing hide and seek. Then she realises Kairi is not there too. She panics and she assumes if Arto took her home. Chini receives a text from Arto that he wants to spend alone time and she should be with Kairi until he comes back. Chini thinks means Arto is not with Kairi then where is she!

Imlie looks through the window and Kairi hides inside a barrel without anyone’s knowledge. A man places it in the bus. Kairi sits behind Imlie’s seat and talks. Imlie feels her presence. Kairi decides to hide from her else she will inform her father. Imlie misses Arto and thinks how can he betray her like that. She lost him forever but she wants to find her daughter at any cost.

Chini complaints to the doctor that why the hospital staffs are careless and kids are disappearing from here. They ask about Kairi’s mother and nurse says it’s Imlie not Chini. Chini angrily says how dare she talks like that. Imlie is noone for Kairi. Kairi feels hungry and searches for food. She eats from Imlie tiffin box without her knowledge. Later at night Imlie worries for Kairi and in morning she doesn’t find her tiffin. She sees the back seat and gets shocked.

Precap- Imlie finds Kairi in Rana House and she asks her what the latter is doing here. Arto thinks Imlie took Kairi away from him. He says he will go to Rana House to take his daughter back.

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