Imlie : Malini Ki Badli Andaaz !

Malini offers Imlie/tamarind to Imlie. Imlie says this is fake imlie. Malini says shopkeeper says its real. Imlie says she can fool family but not her this time, so she wants to know why she is doing this. Malini says she wants to correct her mistakes, help her in her studies, and support her. Imlie says she already has a support, Adi is hurt between their fight, she is afraid that she will betray her again. Malini pleads to trust her for baby’s sake and walks away.

Rupali with Nishant and Sundar watches Malini and asks if she really has changed after her papa’s lecture. Nishant says seeing Pranav’s incident, their family is strong and can cope up with Malini’s tricks if she does any in the future. Rupali says Malini was good before and changed due to her mother’s influence. Sundar sees Imlie coming and jokes on her. She gets angry and offers Rupali and Nishant turmeric milk. They all 3 taunt her that she needs milk as its her suhagraat with Adi tonight. She acts nervous, blabbers, and leaves with a milk glass for Adi.

Adi seeing his room decorated tries to clear flowers from his bed. Imlie enters, and flowers fall on her. She alerts Adi and finishes milk in 1 go. He says he will not crimple the bed until she agrees and shows empty cupboard for her clothes and stuff, book shelf for her, and bedside. He says he removed all old stuff from this room and hence he wants her to forget old memories and forgive him, Aparna’s acceptance is a big victory for her and she should accept him. She says she does but when its a question of Malini. He says he is talking about himself and asks if she thinks Malini’s intentions are wrong. She says if he thinks he is misunderstanding Malini.

Adi says the situation in which they met was in their favors, Malini did something which even hurt him, but she is not a bad person and changed for her baby, so he is sure she will take care of baby well. She says even she accepted Malini’s baby, but truth is Malini wants to get back Adi. He says he will not even if she wants to, a mother is always good. She says Malini’s mother is bad. He says Malini came under her mother’s influence, but she has changed. She says Malini is careless and reminds all the incidents.

He asks not to talk about past and think about today where she performed her aarti. She continues. He asks why don’t she trust her after him trying to prove his love for her repeatedly , he is talking about himself and she bringing Malini in between. She starts crying. He tries to console her. She says they will be only in each other’s dreams if this continues and tries to leave. He apologizes and stops her. She says she cannot trust him until she regains trust for Malini and walks away. He thinks he will do whatever he can to regain her trust.

Anu walks to Malini’s room and asks shall she leave now. Malini says yes. Anu says she said her goodbye as she will not accept her becoming a devi of sacrifice. Malini finally agrees that she changed her tactic to get back Aditya from Imlie, remembers what Imlie did, Aparna and whole family supports Imlie now, now she will use emotional blackmail and make family against her.

On the other side, Dulari tells Mithi that she cannot trust Malini. Mithi says Malini has changed for her baby like Dulari changed after coming here. Dulari says Malini is Anu’s daughter and is evil like her. Mithi says she cannot punish children for parent’s deeds. Dulari says Malini’s both parents are betrayers and a saint cannot be born in evil’s house. Imlie enters and says Dulari is right, they cannot trust Malini easily as her love has turned into madness and she can go to any extent.

Devi brings gifts for Triapthis and says they accepted Imlie, so Mithi brought gifts as a shagun. Mithi says she brought karva chauth gift for Imlie’s first karva chauth fast. Anu says its even her daughter’s first karva chauth this time. Aparna says she will give sargi/fasting food to Imlie and will not let Mithi have any complaints left. Adi says karva chauth fast is kept for husband’s long life, so as a gift to Imlie he is giving divorce to Malini before karva chauth and asks Malini to sign divorce papers.

Precap: Malini challenges Imlie that her baby will bring Adi close to her. Imlie asks if she will betray Adi again. Malini says baby’s Adi’s blood, hence Imlie should get out of their lives. Imlie challenges to expose Malini’s truth in front of Adi.

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