Imlie : Malini Mocks & Taunts Imlie !

Imlie shatters remembering Aditya asking her to sign divorce papers and get out of his life forever and informing that he is going to marry Malini. She collapses. Aryan holds her and lifts her up. He says she should visit office now after a half day leave and advices her to keep her professional and personal life separate. He thinks 2 people lost everything because of Adi, one day Adi has to repay for his family and Imlie’s tears. At T house, Aparna and other knock Adi’s room door and ask him to open it. He says its between him and Imlie and they shouldn’t interfere. Aparna cries and asks Pankaj if her children will separate. Radha says Imlie has changed since she got job, she didn’t hesitate to send divorce papers to Adi. Aparna says there must be some misunderstanding. Rupali says why should only Imlie compromise just because she is woman, she herself worked hard and is taking care of herself within a year’s span of coming from her village, they should question their son instead, its better if Imlie leaves if she has to beg for her rights after doing all this.

Imlie cries remembering her happy days with T family and thinks she told she will move on, but she doesn’t have courage to move on; she is unable to tolerate this pain, then how ill she tolerate the future pain which life gave her; its better if she returns to Pagdandiya. She imagines herself in her old avatar holding her potli/bag and entering T house. She stops her and asks not to go in as there is no love there but broken relationships and a pain of broken heart is more severe than the pain of stepping on broken glass pieces. Old Imlie says she should remember her mother’s advice to become a seed in soil and ash in air and adopt to her situation. New Imlie feels confident hearing her advice and tries to hug her but realizes its her imagination. Malini walks to her with lamp and says Aparna lit this lamp with the hope that Imlie will return, Imlie should take it along as she will never return again or else she will blow it off. Imlie takes lamp and says its Devimaa’s lamp and can never be blown off and it will brighten her life from hereon. Malini says they tip a servant when they leave, she can take this lamp and ask for more. Imlie taunts back that she gave her happiness in charity and can ask more if she wants to. Malini gets angry and warns her to shut up. Imlie says she let her stay in this house and herself is leaving this house, she should protect her husband as there are husband thieves in this city, etc., and walks away holding lamping.

Radha says she is sure Imlie and Adi will realize their mistake and will reconcile. Aparna says they have to make Adi realize what he lost. Adi opens door and says he realized that he lost everything, but why don’t they realize it even after seeing divorce papers. Aparna says she doesn’t believe in papers. Adi takes her oath and says he will never have any relationship with Imlie hereon and hence nobody should talk about her. Aparna takes his oath that they will talk about Imlie in their house whether he likes or not.

Narmada hires a tarot reader who informs that a new chapter will start in Aryan’s life. Narmada gets happy and tells Arpita that she will become a nanad/SIL. Arpita says maybe Aryan will get a new project or a friend. Tarot reader says Aryan will get a new girl who will change is life for good. Narmada thanks her and asks if she is single. Malini speaks to Anu and informs that Imlie is out of house and Adi agreed to marry her, soon he will accept her. Anu says she feels happy for her and can’t wait to see servant Imlie’s reaction. Malini says she wants Imlie to feel the pain she experienced. Anu says she will fulfill her wish and asks her to plan her wedding with Adi. Adi remembers seeing Imlie with Aryan and angrily breaks mirror. Malini walks in and says she knows the feeling of heartbreak and says she can delay their wedding until he feels normal. He thanks her. She says in fact they can marry after Aryan and Imlie’s marriage. He says we don’t have to wait till then. She thinks he spoke her heart out.

Precap: Aryan orders Imlie to cover a high profile page 3 wedding. Imlie asks whose wedding. Anu says her daughter Malini’s with Aditya. Imlie denies. Anu gives Aryan a blank cheque and asks to think again.

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