Imlie : Malini Steal’s ; Will Imlie Lose Again?

Aparna sees only 8 Devimaa’s idols and asks where is 9th idol. Malini steals idol and apologizing god says her place is in temple, but she has to do this to stop everyone from praising Imlie. Imlie asks Sundar and Adi if they left one idol in truck. They say its not in truck. Imlie says stop. Malini gets tensed. Imlie walks to truck driver and insists to check truck once. He shows her truck and says there is nothing here, she was sitting behind with idol and whoever gave her this task made a mistake, now only god can help her. Imlie notices a wet soil packet in truck and says god helped her. She starts preparing idol with soil. Malini hides idol in her room. Aparna calls her. Committee members complain Harish that his trusted kid made a mistake and they did a mistake by trusting her. Pankaj suggests to bring another idol. Nishant says he checked and all idols are sold. Adi thinks if Imlie gets some time, she will do something. Aparna knocks Malini’s room door and says she brought her medicines. Malini hides idol in book shelf and leaves. Committee members continue to regret their decision of trusting Imlie. Dulari asks Sundar to bring tea and snacks for everyone and signals him. Adi to divert committee members’ attention praises their effort and says he will take their interview and print how a small colony’s committee members work hard to organize navrati festival. He asks Sundar to get his camera to click their pics. Rupali asks him to take their video. Memebers fall for Adi’s trick.

Imlie completes Devimaa’s idol. Driver says its looking very pretty and tries to pick it. Imlie says its still wet and goes in to bring something dry it. She passes by Rupali’s room and seeing her crying looking at her husband’s photo. Rupali cries that she is missing Pranav as he used to perform pooja with her always and used to decorate her veena whenever she used to sing, he moved on in life forgetting their love, but she is stuck in his memories. Imlie consoles her and says she is a woman who is a form of Devimaa, they cannot break down if men break their trust or heart; she shouldn’t forget everything and thinking of singing bhajan in pooja, she will decorate her veena this time. Rupali thanks her and says she should have been her sister instead of Malini as Malini doesn’t deserve her, they are soul sisters. She then asks about idol. Imlie panics and asks her to give her hair dryer signaling in a crazy way. Rupali identifies her signal finally and gives hair dryer. Imlie leaves her room and think she forgot to ask Rupali how it works.

Adi searches Imlie. Imlie struggles to switch on hair dryer, and when it finally starts, she enjoys its air. Adi hopes to find Imlie or Devimaa’s idol at least and seeing Imlie enjoying air stands mesmerized, then gets alert and asks if she found idol. She says she cannot hear him. He switches off hair dryer. Nishant walks in and asks him to come and take committee members’ interview. Adi asks him to take their pics while he searches Imlie. Nishant says he is a reporter instead and should take interview. Adi searches Imlie agian. Imlie dries Devimaa’s idol with hair dryer. Trucker driver amazed says its a good invention and asks why she helps T family when they misbehave with her. She says they are her family and their dignity is her responsibility. He asks her to dry idol fast. She reminds him that he even he was scolding her sometime ago. Adi leaves on his bike to market to get an idol thinking he cannot let Imlie lose.

Precap: Imlie is shocked to sees Malini giving stolen idol to a poor family.

Update Credit to: MA

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