Imlie : Malini Walks into Imlie’s Trap !

Aryan gets angry on Imlie and says he already had told her that his work shouldn’t be affected because of her personal issues, she left the job incomplete because of her ex-husband. She apologizes for her mistake and says she doesn’t like failure, but thinks this is not the right time to take up any responsibility. He asks why is she frying pooris here instead of going to office.

She says he forgot that her boss gave him permission to work from home, he should go to office and scold other employees. He says he was stupid to give her responsibility. She says taking up family’s responsibility is not stupidity. He asks if she wants to hear well done from him. Harish walks in and biting poori bhaji says well done Imlie and asks her to bring it on table soon. Aryan says if she is happy hearing well done for preparing poori bhaji, she should so same as there are other journalists to take care of Bhaskar Times.

T family sits for breakfast. Aditya tries to sit on his chair when Aryan takes his place.
Malini provokes him that someone already took his place even before he left this house. Aditya calls real estate agent to find a rented house for him. Aparna feels sad, but Pankaj controls her. Rupali asks him to sit as Imlie prepared his favorite aloo poori. Imlie serves breakfast to Aryan. Aryan walks away saying he is not hungry and has a lot of work pending.

Malini thinks Aryan used to say he has zero interest in Imlie, but now he jumps in to help Imlie always; she should separate him from Imlie first to defeat Imlie. She walks Aryan and tries to provoke him against him saying Imlie is untrustable and eats people’s happiness. Aryan says his employees don’t have food issues.

Malini asks if he is kidding her, how many employees does he help and work from their home, whole world can see his feelings for Imlie except him, either Imlie doesn’t want to see that or is purposefully ignoring it, Imlie will never leave Aditya, she cannot see Imlie with Aditya and tried her best to separate them, she is seeing him doing same and should together separate Imlie and Aditya.

Aryan says he is a businessman who does many deals in a day after well research, so he wants to know what she did to separate Aditya and Imlie. Malini denies. He insists if she wants him to accept her deal. She says she will after trusting him. He shakes hand and accepts her deal. She says they are in same team now and walks away from there.

Imlie walks in next and asks what was he doing with Malini didi, she never thought he would be so bad in acting and laughs on him. He says he is a good actor as Malini agreed so easily. He remembers Imlie acting as hypnotizing him and falling on him. Their eyes lock, and he gets lost in her hair. He then gets conscious. She continues her acting and says his name is Satinder Vilayati now and will obey her orders and fool Malini.

He says her plan will fail as its not easy to fool Malini, he reveals that she had come with the same offer earlier. Imlie says he should act as accepting it. He says why should she. She says he is her boyfriend as he is jealous of Aditya and loves her. He stands nervous hearing that. She says they will make Malini believe that he is on her side and reveal all her plan. He says that is a good idea. She says she will elbow Malini and pin her on floor with her plan.

She continues joking and laughing on him and says a business tycoon fell in her love. He gets angry and asks if she thinks he is heartless and just can read balance sheet and cannot love someone. She says she thought love is a small word for him and his motto is somethign really big. He says she is right, his motto is very big; anyways her plan is good and its first step is to win Malini’s trust.

Out of flashback, Imlie says first step is complete, now they should make Malini confess her crimes and record it. Malini over phone informs Anu that she made a deal with Aryan, but cannot trust him completely as he may trick her make Imlie listen to their conversation. Anu asks what has she thought. Malini says she will send Imlie out when she confesses her crimes in front of Aryan. Anu asks where. Malini says there is only 1 place for characterless house breaking women like Imlie and Imlie herself will go there tomorrow.

Precap: Imlie asks Aryan if he spoke to Malini. He says not yet. Malini enters and says she came to discuss tonight’s plan. Aryan hides Imlie behind him and says they are not partners as partnership is between equal people, he is just having a deal with him and will meet her after 30 minutes at a restaurant. She agrees and leaves. He feels Imlie’s closeness.

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