Imlie : Malini Wants to Do Aarti With Aditya ; Aditya Entrusts a Secret to Imlie

Aditya records smuggler Pasha and MLA’s conversation about transporting drug. At C house, Aparna worried for Adi prays Devimaa and searches agarbati in temple holding its pack. Imlie jokes and says its in her hand and says Devimaa’s 10 hands assure her that she is protecting her children. Aparna asks to speak to her directly. Imlie says Adi touched her feet and took her blessings before leaving home, he trusts his mother more than god, so she needs trust herself as Adi will return before aarti. Adi continues recording and hears MLA telling that he has selected a genius to transport drugs. Malini walks to Imlie and scolds her to stop troubling maa when she is already tensed for Adi. She calls Adi while Imlie tries to stop her. Adi’s phone rings. Pasha says its not his gang’s ring tone. Adi disconnects call. Imlie says she told Adi is busy and will return home before aarti.

Smugglers find Adi and shoot at him. Adi escapes pushing them away and leaves in his bike. MLA says that man shouldn’t escape. Goons inform Pasha that Adi escaped. MLA says he knows that man, he is journalist Aditya. Pasha says let us bribe him and shut his mouth. MLA says Adi is honest and will not accept money, so he knows someone who can help them. He calls Anu and asks her to steal Adi’s recording somehow. Anu calls Malini asks if servant Imlie is blamed by family. Malini says no, situation has changed.

Anu say she has a plan. Meethi hearing her conversation and thinks till when they both will conspire against her daughter. She plays bhajan on music player loudly. Anu gets irritated and walks to kitchen. She follows Anu and switches on mixer grinder. Anu scolds her to stop and tries to explain her plan. Meethi continues disturbing her. Malini hears Adi’s bike sound and disconnects call.

Adi returns home thanking god that goons didn’t follow him and walks limping. Aparna opens door and asks if he is fine. Adi says he is fine and had told her that he would return on time. Malini asks why had he gone out. He says to collect some important documents. She says he would have sent Sundar or someone else. Rupali takes him for aarti.

After sometime, Adi downloads recording in his laptop when Imlie walks in and keeps her hand on his shoulder. He jumps in shock and asks why did she came suddenly when he is working. She brings crepe bandage and says she knows when he is in pain, applies bandage and asks what is he hiding. He informs about MLA and Pasha’s drug deal and him recording their meeting, says if this evidence is leaked, Pasha and MLA will be in trouble. He gives her pen drive and asks to keep it safely. She says he didn’t trust her when she informed him about Malini, but now trusts her. She takes pen drive and hides it in Devimaa’s idol, and prays Devimaa to protect this evidence or else Adi’s life will be in danger.

Malini walks towards idol when Adi stops her and asks what is she doing here. She nervously says she cannot inform him as she is very embarrassed. He says she need not feel embarrass. She says she wanted to perform aarti before colony people arrive as she single and pregnant and society will humiliate her with their taunts. He says he cannot shut people’s mouth after whatever happened recently, he wants to know what she wants. She asks if he can perform aarti with her before everyone comes. He gets call from office, goes aside, and says evidence is with him safely. She thinks she will perform aarti with Adi.

Precap: Committee people praise Imlie’s pooja arrangements. Imlie introduces Rupali as bhajan singer.

Update Credit to: MA

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