Imlie : Malini’s Growing Insecurity ; Imlie Becomes Peon

Imlie prays Seeta maiya and asks how could she stay away from Ramji for long, she feels bad staying away from Babusaheb and more bad when she is with him. She asks when will Babusaheb trust her again. Aryan opens Arpita and Arvind’s room and remembers the day of accident when he had a nok jhok with Arpita and Arvind calmed them down. Arpita walks in and says that day will not return and they will have just memories. He says he had to go that day and meet with an accident, but Arvind went instead. She says let her clean this room and move on forgetting the past. Imlie on the other side asks Seeta maiya why she wants her to move ahead in life but brings back Babusaheb repeatedly in her life. Aryan tells Arpita that weak people forget their past and move on. Arpita says he should get rid off hatred and anger, she and maa pray every day to clear hatred form his heart. He says even he wants to clear revenge from his heart, but for that someone has to die.

Next morning, Imlie wakes up hearing bansuri sound and shouts that she is unwell and wants to rest. Bansuri plays again, and she shouts she will break if he irritates more. She looks at Adi’s gifted mobile and thinks its coming from it, then thinks she didn’t set alarm, then who is playing it. She remembers Aryan’s warning to go home and return to office tomorrow on time. At T house, Aparna packs Adi’s tiffin and adds besan laddu for Imlie. Malini noticing besan laddu says Adi doesn’t like it, so she will keep it out. Once she leaves, Radha says Malini would have felt bad hearing Imlie’s name and its bad for baby. Aparna says she is right, they should keep Malini happy for baby’s sake. Malini hears their conversation and thinks she knew its for Imlie and hence removed it, she has one more surprise awaiting for them.

Imlie calls Pagdandiya/PD post office and asks postman to call her amma. Postman calls Mithi. Mithi asks how is she and if everything is normal between he and Adi again. Imlie says not yet, but she has a good news for her; she got her first job as intern. Mithi gets happy and blessing her to progress well in life and asks not to forget people who helped her succeed in life. Imlie gets emotional and says she wants to walk with Adi her whole life, but he changed his path. Mithi says Adi is a good man and took wrong path because of Malini. Imlie asks why its always a woman’s duty to bring back man on track, she tried her best and now wants to think only about her future. Mithi says she will pray Sita maiya not to divert her attention. Imlie says she needs to rush to work soon as her boss is very strict.

Yoga teacher visits Malini. Malini tells Adi that she forgot to inform him. He says he will leave for office and she can finish her yoga session. She asks who will help her and drop her to college. He says Nishant will. She says he knows how his family behaves with her and requests to stay back if he doesn’t have any important work. He agrees. Imlie reaches office early and writes down her name in register as Imlie Tripathi, then remembering her fight with Adi strikes Tripathi. She then starts her jokergiri and thinks why nameplate is called a plate when they can’t have anything from it. She dreams of becoming a best journalist receiving awards and mimics as a reporter questioning a politician. Aryan enters clapping and walks in ignoring her. She greets him good morning and continues her jokergiri asking him why hates good morning and good evening. He says if she loves good morning and good evening, her today’s assignment is standing near door and greeting good morning to all staff members. Watchman and other intern joke on her. Imlie then eagerly waits for Adi.

At Tripathi house, Malini continues her yoga session for over an hour. Rupali tells Nishant that Malini is insecure since Imlie joined Adi’s office. Nishant says let her continue her drama as she cannot continue it daily and whatever she does, only Imlie will stay in Adi’s life. Imlie continues greeting employees at door. Other interns ask what is she doing here as they have orientation with Aryan today. She thinks Aryan didn’t inform her anything and thinks of confronting him. She gets an ideal and gives her usual evil smirk.

Precap: Imlie attends orientation disguised as peon. Editor asks about Imlie. Intern says Imlie is at gate. Aryan says its not necessary that one who reaches gate can reach her destiny, they should continue their meeting. Imlie hears that.

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