Imlie: Pranav Arrested ; Aparna Decides to Accept Imlie as Daughter in Law

Tripathi family performs 9 girls’ pooja depicting as Devimaa’s 9 forms and take their blessings. Imlie signals at Jiya and calls Pranav to take blessings. Pranav bends to take blessing. Girls tap him in lieu of blessing him. Imlie asks them to bless her jijaji loudly. Jiya taps him more loudly, and pendrive falls down from his front pocket.

MLA calls him and asks to come out. He rushes towards door when Rupali stops him and offers his favorite juice. He pushes juice tray and walks away, leaving her shocked. He then meets MLA to give pendrive but realizes pendrive falling down while taking blessings and rushes back in to get pendrive. Girls pass on pendrive. Pranav catches them and forcefully opens girl’s fist. Pankaj noticing him asks what happened. Girl shows marble. Pranav says girl is hiding marble. He then notices them passing pendrive and rushes to snatch it when Rupali takes it. He says good she took his pendrive from girls as they were playing with it thinking it as a toy. Imlie stops Rupali.

Elder Tripathis pray for family’s happiness. Nishant, Sundar, and Dulari also pray them. Imlie asks Rupali not to give pendrive to Pranav as he is a traitor. Pranav says Imlie is jealous of him and Rupali and doesn’t want to see them happy, he insists to return his pendrive. Rupali remembers Pranav’s rude behavior and says she trusts Imlie now and asks what is her favorite memory. He asks why she is asking at this time and says enjoying ice cream in rain during honeymoon. She apologizes Imlie for not trusting her and asks what is her favorite memory.

Imlie says she will, but she has to erase it forever. Rupali says she knew Pranav didn’t come for her. Pranav agrees that he came here for pendrive and laughs that he left her years ago for another woman and she was a fool to blindly believe him. She says she knew about his infidelity since day 1 and tolerate him for her daughter’s and his and her mother’s sake, she is leaving him this time forever. Their argument and Imlie’s heavy dialogues continue. He tries to slap Rupali and snatch pendrive from her. Imlie stops him and showing woman power brutally trashes him. Police catches him. Imlie asks to arrest him as he is involved with smugglers and shows pendrive as evidence. Police arrests Pranav and drags him away.

Jiya gives pendrive to MLA. MLA plugs it into laptop and is shocked to Imlie’s hilarious video instead. Police arrests even him and frees Aditya instantly. Adi thanks police. Imlie sees Rupali crying and asks if she is missing her husband again. She says she made a mistake by trusting Pranav. Imlie chants jai devi maiya ki and says devi maiya taught them women power and they don’t need a man’s support for everything. Adi says he is right.

Harish and Radha apologize Rupali for not letting her select her life partner and ruining her life. After sometime, Aparna tells Pankaj that Rupali is very courageous to bear betrayal twice. Pankaj says Imlie saved their family. Aparna says she knows what he means, she behaved with her rudely after knowing truth, she doesn’t know how to apologize her. Pankaj says she need not apologize Imlie as Imlie just needs her love, etc., and she should love Imlie as a MIL. Aparna says she will in Imlie’s style. He says that’s exciting, what is her plan.

Precap: Manali asks Aparna what has she thought about Imlie. Aparna says she wants to correct her mistake and accept Imlie as her bahu. Adi gets happy hearing that. Malini angrily breaks things and burns Imlie’s photo thinking Imlie has to go from here.

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