Imlie : Reporters Humiliate Imlie !

Imlie thinks if Chini really did a suicide drama and played with family’s emotions, then she can do anything; she will question Chini. Anu over phone tells Chini that she finished her task and asks her to misuse Imlie’s emotional nature. Chini hopes Imlie’s fate doesn’t support her today. Imlie walks to Chini and says she wants to talk to her. Reporters forcefully gate crash. Rudra asks what do they want. Reports say they heard how his son and DIL Atharva and Imlie saved themselves from a hot air balloon accident.

Imlie walks to them and asks what is happening. Reporters surround her and asks her to describe how they escaped a major accident and insist to tell them about her and Atharva’s love story. Imlie feels anxious and says she doesn’t want to talk about it. Atharva tries to protect Imlie. Reporters continue that their love story is an example for every youth and continue to question them. Chini grins.

Imlie at reporters and says she and Atharva are not married, Atharva doesn’t love her. Reporters change their tone and start humiliating Imlie questioning her character. They ask why is she staying under same roof with a man who is one one to her. Atharva gets angry and shouts that is enough, says looks like they are well informed about Imlie. He says they question woman’s character, but don’t question a man if he stays with a woman, etc. He asks Imlie not to bother about their words and loudly reveal their relationship. Imlie says her and Atharva’s relationship is pure and there is no fear in telling truth, they are friends.

Atharva says best friends and they sacrifice life for friends and not feel humiliated. He orders them to get out. Rudra orders guards to kick them all out. Reporter yells that they are doing wrong and should stay under same roof if they are not related. Imlie stands crying. Chini grins and thinks Anu’s sent reporters played their role well, thanks to Imlie that she accepted that she is just friends with Atharva and cleared her way out.

After some time, Atharva feels sad recalling morning incident. Chini walks to him showing fake concern for Imlie and asks why don’t he and Imlie unite for their and family’s happiness. Atharva says how can they be happy when Imlie considers him just as a friend. Chini says when reporters can barge into home, they can humiliate Imlie anywhere and hopes Sita maiya protects her. Keya tells Rudra that they have to accept that their prayers didn’t work and Imlie considers Atharva as just a friend. Rudra says friendship is a first step of love and they should give them some time. Shivani says Imlie and Atharva didn’t fall in love even after spending time together.

Imlie continues to cry. Arpita fumes on reporters and says she would trsahed them if they had stayed for long. Sundar says media just wants to increase their channel TRP. Arpita warns him to stop supporting media. Atharva knocks door and asks if he can come in. Arpita and Rupali leave. Sundar tells Atharva that they both have to take a decision now, either they have to get used to the people’s taunt or change accordingly. Atharva apologizes Imlie for whatever happened today and says its his mistake that he married her even when he didn’t love her, betrayed her for Chini, and forcefully didn’t let her go. Imlie says she herself stayed back. Imlie says she stayed here by her wish, he didn’t force her.

He says he can’t see her tears and tries to wipe them. She stops him. He says wipes tears even then and blames him again for today’s incident. Imlie says she got courage to fight with the world because of him, so he shouldn’t blame himself. He says she is so good, how does she do all this. Imlie says even he is good, they should learn from their mistakes and try to correct them like Atharva does, but a few people don’t and should be taught a lesson. She asks him not to worry about her as she is fine and leaves smiling. He thinks whatever happened today will not happen again.

Chini and Keya start a drama in front of Shivani. Chini says she is feeling bad for Imlie as she had to face humiliation and will continue to face humiliation. Keya says they didn’t fall in love even after family tried so much, they should make them realize they are not made for each other and move on. Chini looking at Shivani says someone elder should explain it to them. Shivani thinks she needs to talk to Rudra and Devika about it and walks towards them. She finds Atharva and says whatever he is doing is wrong and should take a decision.

She tells Rudra and Devika that Atharva and Imlie didn’t fall in love even after family’s tries, so they should take a decision to stop a today-like situation. Imlie walks to Chini asks if she can borrow her earrings. Chini jokes if she also wants to look good. Imlie says she is not in a joking mood. Chini says she can take whatever she wants to. Imlie picks earring and asks where is its pair. Chini says it must be somewhere. Chini shows a pair and it was on a matresss where Chini had left it.

Precap: Imlie loses her memory after hot air balloon accident and tells Atharva that they need to perform postwedding rituals as they married just yesterday. Doctor informs family that Imlie lost her memory post her wedding.

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