Imlie : Rudra Shuts Down Imlie !

Imlie asks inspector if they found any information about her daughter. Inspector says they can’t find her daughter with her photo. Constables ask her to draw her daughter’s sketch. Imlie draws sketch with closed eyes and is shocked to see its Kairi. A servant wakes up Kairi and asks what is she doing here and with whom she came in with. He shows a few women guests with their their children. Kairi shows one among them and before he turns she hides and thanks Seeta maiya for helping her.

Imlie feels disheartened recalling Atharva telling Kairi is Chini’s daughter and thinks if her daughter must be looking like Kairi now. Inpector jokes that Imlie saw her daughter when she was born and now thinks her daughter looks like this. Constable says of a dead daughter. Imlie says her daughter is alive. Inspector suggests her to have a psychiatric treatment. Imlie says she knows her daughter is alive.

Inspector asks her to give the sketch to them, they will send it to surrounding police stations and try to find out the girl similar to this sketch. Imlie thinks Kairi is similar to this sketch and walks away saying she will keep this sketch with her and return later. Constables joke that they will wait for her.

Atharva files Kairi’s missing complaints. Inspector suspects Kairi is kidnapped and assures to find her by sending her information to the surrounding areas. Chini says their Kairi will be back soon. Atharva walks out fuming. Chini breaks down thinking her life was going well and started tumbling once Imlie entered their lives again. She fears if Imlie took Kairi with her. Anu calls Chini and asks when shall she book her Delhi ticket as Arto clearly told she is just Kairi’s caretaker.

Chini asks how does she knows. Anu says she heard their conversation. Chini asks how could she listen to their personal conversation and warns her to stop interfering in her life. Anu thinks soon Chini will have no place to go and will return to her. Her friends show her a social media post by Divya Rana that devi maa has visited them. Anu thinks if Imlie brought Kairi home. Friends joke if she wants to visit Rana residency. Anu says she has to visit Rana residency to have devimaa’s darshan.

Imlie returns home. Shivani serves prasad to guests and tells Imlie there is no prasad left as she came late. Imlie says its okay. Devika taunts that Imlie has time for everything except for family pooja. Shivani asks Imlie not to bother about Devika’s words. Dhairya offers prasad to Imlie and says she deserves it as it was a pooja for Atharva.

Imlie tongue lashes him again for hiding the truth that Atharva is alive and says she will not let Devika live in dark and will inform her that her son is alive. Rudra stops her and says Devika is weak after a heart attack and can’t handle this shock. He gives his promise and asks her not to inform Devika about Atharva. Imlie leaves. Rudra then apologizes Dhairya for spoiling his hope of getting closer to Imlie by creating more misunderstanding regarding him in Imlie’s mind.

Imlie notices Kairi playing with a kid Jia and walks to them. Kairi hides. Jia says she is Kairi and not Jia. Jia’s mother walks to her and says Jia is very mischievous like her father, she asked her wait in the car but came here. Kairi thinks if she is mischievous like her father or mother. She goes in search of her mother and checks each family lady, but seeing their differential behavior thinks they can’t be her mamma. She sadly returns to Imlie’s room and thinks where is her mamma.

Imlie returns to her room and looking at Kairi’s sketch thinks why she feels her presence around her, she doesn’t know if her little one would be naughty like Kairi. Kairi watches her hiding. Atharva visits temple and prays god to reunite him with his daughter. Imlie feels she doesn’t know still how many difficulties she has to face to reach her daughter.

Atharva tells Devimaa that he is not afraid of difficulties and separated Kairi from his mother as she didn’t want Kairi, requests again to return Kairi to him as Kairi is very small. Kairi also prays god to reunite her with her mother. Imlie prays god to reunite her before she stops breathing. She is shocked to see Kairi in a mirror. Anu sends a message to Chini. Chini says OMG Kairi. Atharva hears her.

Precap: Imlie notices Kairi in her house and asks what is she doing in Delhi. Atharva blames Imlie for taking Kairi to Delhi and determines to visit Delhi and bring back Kairi.

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