Imlie: The Rana’s Go on a Pagdandiya Tour !

Imlie and Atharva smilingly sleep on bed facing their back towards each other. Imlie says he can hold her hand and speak. Atharva holds her hand and says he was afraid that she will scold him. They both talk till late night. Next morning, Rana family gets ready for picnic to Pagdandia. Imlie joins them. She notices Akash talking to someone suspiciously and walks toward him.

Akash asks his aide to put the blame on an employee named Dhairya. He turns and gets tensed seeing her. Imlie asks why he looks tensed. He says he is fine and is going to office. Imlie thinks sometimes Rudra and sometimes Akash looks tensed, maybe some business issue. Akash fears if she heard his conversation.

Ranas reach Pagdandia border. Imlie asks them to get out of car and get into tractor to experience village vibes. Divya says they should go by car itself. Imlie saya she will drive this tractor and give them a complete tour of Pagdandia. Family agrees and sits in tractor. Imlie takes them to her favorite sugarcane juice stall and then shows her school.

Ripu and Ginni ask if she used to have braid hair hair into 2 halves like these students. Imlie says yes. Imlie then takes them to market where they enjoy watermelon and shopping. Atharva gifts her bangles. Serial’s title track plays in the b background.

She stops at women carrying water and says they don’t get water 24 hours like in city, so they have to carry water far from water well. Ripu salutes women and say they are great. Atharva says this is the best picnic of his life.

A few goons head toward Pagdandia in their jeep saying their enemy reached Pagdandia before them. Imlie takes family to Meethi’s house. Satyakam welcomes them. Imlie runs and hugs him. Satyakam says expresses his joy seeing Imlie after many years and asks about Chini.

Imlie stands silent recalling Chini’s crimes and getting arrested. She asks about Meethi. He says she went to another village as she runs an NGO. He takes Ranas in and offers them lassi. Rudra praise his prepared lassi.

Divya says its normal lassi. Devika says he is right, they don’t get such lassi in city. After some time, Imlie shows Meethi and Satyakam’s pics to Atharva. Atharva says Satyakam looks like a superhero.

Imlie says he was not less than a superhero once and was a biggest revolutionary of Pagdandiya. Atharva promises to support Imlie always. Satyakam watches them from a distance and prays god that junior Imlie’s fate shouldn’t be like senior Imlie.

recap: Dhairya tells Imlie that she took away his job. Imlie says she will prove that even a girl can work in a transport business and Imlie’s daughter Imlie can do anything.

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