Imlie: Tripathi’s to Boycotty Aditya -Malini Marriage !

Anu notices Imlie busy at work and addresses her as servant. Imlie doesn’t pay attention to her. Anu then walks to her and calls her by name. Imlie says now she realized her name. Anu asks her to take her interview. Imlie thinks of making fun of her and starts interview.

Anu criticizes gawar villager Imlie who tried to ruin her daughter’s life. Imlie spoils her hair style making her look like a witch and continues interview. Aryan walks to them, sends Anu saying her daughter is calling her, and asks Imlie what the hell she is doing with closed camera. She says she clicked many pics and shows him. He smiles seeing them. She is amazed to see him smiling and clicks his pic. He warns her to stop her nonsense and walks away.

Narmada takes Aparna and Radha home and introduces them to Arpita. Radha notices Arpita having cold and says she should have a kadha/herbal decoction. Arpita says she had it yesterday and feels good. Aparna says her bahu used to prepare similar kadha. Narmada asks Aparna if her son and DIL/bahu’s issues are solved. Aparna says her son is marrying another girl and making them embarrassed. Narmada says they should count them whenever they feel troubled. Aparna says sure they will and invites Narmada, her children, and khati meethi/sweety and tangy/Imlie for wedding. Arpita says her brother and tangy are always busy at work, so they both will come.

Arpita and Radha then return home where Anu informs them about mata ka jagrata tonight at their house and she has introduced guests. Arpita says Anu invited guests without their permission, but she will not attend Adi and Malini’s wedding. Other T family members say same. Malini requests them not to do that in vain. Once they leave, Imlie tries to cheer them up with an interview. Aparna continues venting out her frustration. Imlie says they shouldn’t tarnish their relationship with their son because of her. Rupali says bhai will disconnect with them if they don’t attend wedding. Family agrees to attend wedding. Malini and Aparna’s emotional chat continues.

After sometime, Anu introduces future Tripathi couple Aditya and Malini to guests. Imlie feels disheartened and goes aside to cry. Aryan cheers her up and asks her to join back her team. Jagrata rituals start. Panditji asks bride and groom to come in front and perform aarti. He slips and drops aarti thali. Imlie and Aryan hold it, Aryan says they should perform aarti if they are holding it. Adi they should as they already are handling Bhaskar Times together and taunts some people are characterless. Imlie gives him a befitting reply and goes to perform aarti with Aryan.

Precap: Aditya taunts Imlie to show him and Malini how to pose as her and Aryan’s pose was romantic. She teaches him with a taunt.

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