Jhanak 12th June 2024 : Anirudh – Arshi Wedding Comes to a Stop !

The Episode starts with Rahul thanking Mauli for coming in his life and supporting him. Swara asks Vaibhav to talk to her. He cries. She asks Saloni to ask him, is she not a good mum. She says I went my Sasural and stayed in Maayka for his sake. Vaibhav says Mama has always been unjust towards me, what did you do for me, you didn’t think that I m suffering. Rahul asks him to calm down. Vaibhav says I would have been a rich guy if they weren’t my parents. Rahul tries to pacify him. Vaibhav loses his mind and scolds Ajay. Vijay shouts and slaps Vaibhav. Ajay stops him. Vaibhav pushes Ajay.

Vijay asks him to go away, if he has no manners. Swara asks Vijay not to slap her son. Vaibhav says you aren’t related to me, I m not your son. Vijay says I m giving you the last warning, I won’t forgive you. Vaibhav says you have thrown me to these poor people’s lap when you couldn’t bear the burden of two children. Rahul says don’t dare to talk to them like that. Vaibhav asks him to shut up. He scolds Rahul. They fight. Swara asks Vaibhav to leave Rahul. He pushes her. She gets hurt. Mauli holds Swara. Rahul and Vaibhav fight. Vijay stops Vaibhav. He says I will leave you and not help you. Vaibhav cries.

Janki says we will talk to him later. Mauli gives the good news to Jyoti. Jyoti says I prayed to Ram ji for you and Rahul, when I got this good news, the house situation is such that you can’t tell them, I want the family to know your and Rahul’s love, Rati has no problem with this relation. Mauli says yes, but we will fix the family problem first. Jyoti smiles. Mauli says its my responsibility to unite the family, everyone is in tension, I won’t tell them about Rahul and me until things get fine. Jyoti hugs her. She takes the food for Swara.

Swara cries and asks everyone to leave her alone. Janki feeds her some water. Mauli looks on. The brothers console Ajay. Mauli takes Swara to the temple. She consoles Swara by telling Kanha’s story. Rahul smiles. Rati thinks Mauli is just impressing them. Mauli hugs Swara. Manoj comes to Rahul and says I was going to come to hotel to meet you. He asks Rahul to marry Rati and fill the house with joy. He says everyone will get busy in the marriage arrangements, Vijay also wants you to marry Rati. Rahul thinks of Mauli. Manoj goes.

Rahul says don’t know when will Vaibhav come back, everyone is waiting for him. Mauli says he is in shock over the truth. He says I agree, how can he leave his parents, he called them cheater and failure. She says relax. He says I can’t, Manoj wants me to marry Rati, I can’t tell anyone about us because of this situation, I want to marry you, I want to tell them about us. She thinks to do something to make his mood better.

She says okay, no problem, go and tell everyone. He asks really. She says yes. She makes him fall. She teases him. He sits angered. She says you look so cute, I m sorry. He says sorry not accepted, I don’t want to talk to you. She says fine, I thought you will tell me something romantic, bye. He pulls her in his lap. Kesariya….plays…

He says I didn’t say I will let you go. He gets close to kiss. She says its not so easy. She runs. She collides with Jyoti. Rahul says romance just started. Jyoti sees them and smiles. She says I understood, come with me. She asks them to sit. She says I will just come. Rahul asks what’s happening. Jyoti does their aarti.

She recalls Janki’s words. They take her blessings. She says remember one thing, love is a fruit on the tree of relations, faith and togetherness is imp for it, you should always be together. She hugs them. They smile. Rati looks on angrily. She thinks Rahul and Mauli can never unite.

Rahul talks to Manoj about his marriage. He says I want to marry Mauli, not Rati. Manoj asks what.

Update Credit to: Amena

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