Jhanak 16th May : Jhanak to Return to Srinagar !

The episode commences with a heated argument between Aniruddha and Srishti. Srishti is determined to hold Anirudh accountable for his deceit. She confronts both Jhanak and Aniruddha, while Anirudh maintains his innocence, insisting he never intended to betray Arshi. His defiant words infuriate Arshi, who warns him to watch his language. However, he retorts by accusing Srishti of wrongdoing when she brought Tejas into the house, despite his silence on the matter.

Jhanak joins the fray, reminding them that betrayal is a grave sin. She vows to leave the Bose house soon and never return to the city. She expresses her longing to return to Kashmir, where she has loved ones who care for her.

Aniruddha suspects that she is referring to Rahul, which disheartens him, but he remains hopeful for Jhanak’s future. Chhotonn suggests that she could relocate within the city, but Jhanak is adamant about returning to her hometown. She urges Aniruddha to seek Arshi’s forgiveness. Anirudh apologizes to his fiancée, promising not to hurt her again. Arshi and Anirudh reconcile and accept each other, leaving Jhanak heartbroken, yet unable to voice her feelings.

Tanuja reprimands Vipasha for complicating matters by informing Arshi prematurely. However, Vipasha defends her actions. Tanuja advises her to avoid such actions in the future and urges Arshi not to misinterpret the situation.

Rumi plans a birthday celebration for Aniruddha. The entire family is excited about the party, and Vipasha proposes to host it. Anirudh’s grandmother plans to invite Mrinalini to the party, hoping to foster a relationship between her and Chhoton, which could boost his career.

Tanuja instructs Jhanak to clean the entire house in preparation for the grand party. Jhanak assures her that she will do her best. Aniruddha plans to invite Jhanak to the party as a guest.

The episode concludes on this note.

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