Jhanak 17th May : Shaadi Ya no Shaadi !

The episode opens with Anirudh inviting Jhanak to dinner, acknowledging that she might not be around the following year. He admits his lack of understanding of her, noting her strong bond with Rahul. Arshi emphasizes the importance of planning Ani’s birthday to improve their relationship. Shrishti criticizes Arshi for forgiving Anirudh too easily and warns her about the potential consequences of his future betrayals.

Arshi insists on avoiding the topic, while Shrishti confronts her with the harsh reality of Anirudh’s actions. Anirudh acknowledges his understanding of the situation. Jhanak clarifies that her relationship with him is not the same as with Rahul. Anirudh requests a gift from her – to prepare Kashmiri dishes, just like her mother used to make for him. She agrees, and he promises to arrange the ingredients, asking her to focus solely on cooking.

Anirudh expresses his longing for Jhanak, who plans to leave for Kashmir to take exams. She admits her need to leave the house to avoid falling into depression. Shrishti continues to manipulate Arshi against Anirudh, accusing her of being ashamed and unwilling to accept his mistake.

Arshi declares her trust in Ani, and Anirudh questions Jhanak’s trust in him. Jhanak predicts that he will forget her after his marriage. He wishes that could be true, and invites her to dinner on his birthday. She questions the feasibility of her fulfilling this request, considering the potential consequences if anyone finds out. He suggests they could go the next day, even though it’s not his birthday.

Jhanak wonders how she will manage to attend, and he proposes that she could use the excuse of buying books for her exams or gifts for people in Srinagar. She agrees with the plan, and he assures her that he will manage his office work and send her the location. She promises to come if there are no issues, regardless of who finds out. He tells her not to worry about him.

Shrishti apologizes to Arshi for shouting at her, and they share a hug. Anirudh promises to arrange the gifts and asks Jhanak to leave on time. She reflects on the possibility of never meeting again and not getting a chance to celebrate his birthday. She acknowledges his efforts for her and finds it hard to refuse his request. Anirudh insists that he doesn’t want her to do it out of pity. She assures him that she wants to make him happy. He asks if he can request one gift from her, and she is confident that he won’t ask for something she can’t give.

Jhanak resolves not to let him say it, fearing that she might inadvertently come between Arshi and him. Shrishti justifies Anirudh’s apology, attributing it to his responsibility, similar to Jhanak. Arshi breaks down in tears. Shrishti, playing the mother card, warns her to keep her words in mind and think about them, expressing her love for her. Anirudh asks Jhanak about her thoughts on his gift. She agrees to give it, and he requests that she dress up for their dinner.

She insists on coming as she is, and he insists that she dress up because he asked her to. They decide to settle it later, acknowledging that he stopped her for a conversation. He challenges her to provide proof, and she labels him as dangerous. He jokes and laughs, expressing his happiness with her blessing of preparing food for him and accompanying him to dinner. She asks if she can leave now, and he agrees, requesting her to bring tea to his room. She promises to come in 10 minutes, and he assures her that he can wait for two hours for her. He leaves.

The next morning, Jhanak gets ready. Anjana questions if she will go alone, and Jhanak confirms, emphasizing its importance. Anjana suggests taking Choton along, but Jhanak declines, assuring her that she can handle it. She expresses her longing for Anjana, Appu, and Bablu, wherever she stays. Anjana hopes that she will complete her work and return home. Jhanak admits that if things are right there and if Tejas doesn’t trouble her, she might never return.

In the upcoming episode, Jhanak reveals that she will leave the next day and presents a ring she bought for his wedding. Anirudh asks her to put it on him. Jhanak complies and leaves. Anirudh contemplates always wearing the ring. Arshi inquires about the ring.

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