Jhanak 4th June 2024 : Jhanak Accepts Tejas’ Wedding Proposal !

The Episode starts with Jhanak saying I accept your offer, stop your man. He asks are you sure, meet the press first and tell them you are marrying me by your wish, people will go mad, I will stop my man. She says fine. He calls the man and stops him. She says I m ready for marriage. He asks her to meet the press once. He calls the staff. He says I m going home with Jhanak, I will call the press, make the arrangements, nothing will happen to Anirudh, it’s a gentleman’s promise. He asks them to decorate the house for his marriage. Jhanak is brought to Tejas’ house. Anirudh is restless. He tries calling Jhanak. O Sajni re….plays… She cries.

Tejas comes for the press conference. He says I want to give you all an exclusive news, I m a bachelor, I didn’t find anyone till now, but finally I got that person, I m marrying tomorrow, I won’t get time later because of elections. Inspector says is that girl Jhanak. Constable says she wasn’t ready, maybe Tejas convinced her. The reporters say we will get equal coverage of this exclusive news. Tejas calls Jhanak there. He answers the reporters. Jhanak comes. Tejas asks her to remember his man is after Anirudh and just say what he told her. She says I won’t change, will you let me give exams. He asks what will you do then, job? He asks Jhanak to make the marriage announcement. She lifts the veil. Appu comes to Anirudh and talks of Jhanak. He thinks Jhanak might have forgotten us.

Inspector says this is Jhanak, it means Tejas has compelled her, Anirudh is coming tomorrow. SP says no need to tell Anirudh, what can we do when they are ready to marry. Jhanak says I m Jhanak Raina, I m going to marry Tejas tomorrow, come to the wedding, you all are invited. Appu says I m scared, if he never comes back home, then what will happen. He cries listening to her. Appu says get her back, I won’t let her go. SP says Jhanak wants to marry Tejas, no use to take risk.

Tejas introduces Jhanak to them. He says she has to forget her past and move on with me, she has to handle me and my house after marriage, I m a businessman and politician, I want peace in the house, so I chose her so that she makes my life better and I serve the people well. Everyone claps. Jhanak says I have come back to my city. She answers the reporters. Tejas says she wanted to try making her career, she stayed at her aunt Shrishti’s house, but she understood this modelling work isn’t allowed in my family, so she has come back to me. He asks everyone to come to attend the wedding tomorrow. He says some policemen are also here, I have called SP, now there is no confusion.

SP says we got the news that Jhanak is missing. Tejas says no, she is my would be wife, you could have asked me, I m her lover and she is going to marry me tomorrow, no need to have any useless investigation. SP agrees. Jhanak thinks when Anirudh gets this news, then he will lose faith on me, he will hate me. Appu says promise me, you will get Jhanak from Kashmir. Anirudh promises her. She hugs him. She says I will not let her go anywhere. He asks her to go and have dinner. She leaves. He cries.

Tejas asks did you think of something, come and start wedding preparations, don’t worry, I won’t come to your room, no one will believe you if you try to tell someone. Jhanak says I won’t say. He asks her to come, and not do any drama in front of everyone, just act happy. He holds her hand and takes her. Anirudh thinks I know Tejas has kidnapped Jhanak and forced her for marriage, I will save her, I promise.

Its morning, Anirudh is on the way to Kashmir. He calls the inspector and asks about Jhanak. Inspector asks him to read the local newspaper. Anirudh says I have come to Srinagar, did you find her. Inspector says yes. Anirudh says you should have told me. Inspector says I think you should go back, why are you interested in that girl, she is an adult and can take her decision, don’t worry about her. Anirudh says its not your decision. Inspector says right, I can’t decide for you both. Anirudh says she needs help, why are you saying this, where is she. Inspector says she is at Tejas’ house.

Anirudh asks what, you had to avoid this, she got kidnapped, you are arguing with me instead of saving her. Inspector says I can’t do anything. Anirudh asks are you scared of Tejas. Inspector says no, no one needs help here, you go to the hotel and read the newspaper, you gave me wrong info, who shall I save. Anirudh asks what do you mean. Inspector says everything is fine here, I have much work to do. Anirudh says just answer me. Inspector says Jhanak is fine, you can’t question me. Anirudh says sorry, I m in stress, just tell me. Inspector says you can’t force me to take action, you filed the complaint, Jhanak didn’t, she has no problem. Anirudh says don’t leave her in danger, save her. Inspector says fine, come along with me, you will know it then, come to Tejas’ house in the evening.

Tejas and Jhanak come to the mandap. They get shocked seeing Anirudh. Tejas stops Anirudh. He threatens him. Anirudh asks him to shut up. He asks Jhanak are you marrying Tejas by your wish. Tejas points the gun at him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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