Jhanak 7th June 2024 : Anirudh Rescues Jhanak !

The episode commences with Anirudhha confronting Jhanak, seeking clarity on whether her engagement to Tejas was of her own volition. He is deeply upset by Jhanak’s acceptance of Tejas’s marriage proposal.

Jhanak, recalling Tejas’s threats, conceals the truth from Anirudhha and urges him to distance himself from her. However, Anirudhha persists, questioning Jhanak again about her willingness to marry Tejas. Tejas brandishes his gun to intimidate Anirudhha. Fearing for Anirudhha’s safety, Jhanak pleads with him to leave, but Anirudhha, imploring her, seeks the truth.

Jhanak, not wanting to deceive Anirudhha who has saved her life multiple times, reveals under the pressure of the situation that Tejas forced her into marriage. She explains that he first kidnapped her from the railway station and then coerced her into marrying him. Tejas, thrown into a frenzy by the unfolding events, threatens to kill Anirudhha if Jhanak refuses to marry him. Anirudhha strives to protect Jhanak from any harm, and Jhanak assures him that she will not let him get hurt.

Jhanak discloses everything, stating that Tejas threatened to kill Anirudhha if she didn’t accept his proposal. She adds that she was deceived by his team who posed as police officers, and it was only due to Tejas’s threats that she agreed to his terms.

Anirudhha requests the media reporters to document Jhanak’s statement to prevent Tejas from deceiving others. The police also guarantee that Tejas cannot force her into marriage. Bharat attempts to resolve the situation, asserting that Tejas did not coerce Jhanak into marrying him.

When Tejas tries to seize Jhanak’s hand with the police officer’s intervention, Anirudhha and the sub-inspector prevent him. Anirudhha assures that he will handle the situation, stating that if he exposes Tejas and files a defamation case, Tejas will be unable to run in the election. Ultimately, overcoming all obstacles, Anirudhha escorts Jhanak away.

The episode concludes.

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