Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 10th June 2024 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Amruta performing the Gruhpravesh ritual. Dildar invites Amruta to take a seat and calls Virat to join her. He also requests the presence of Amruta’s family.

Babita questions Dildar’s concern for her. Dildar assures her that his care for her and Virat is the reason he brought Amruta into their home.

Dildar instructs Virat to sit next to Amruta. Jahan acknowledges the new bond between them and makes a remark. Dildar ensures Virat is seated next to Amruta. Bhavani expresses to Dildar her desire to perform a few Marathi rituals. Dildar consents. Bhavani applies Vermillion to Virat’s forehead, which accidentally falls on his nose. Observing this, Dildar tells Bhavani that she will deeply love Virat. Babita adds that it’s likely since Bhavani has gained a wealthy son-in-law.

Bhavani hands over garlands to Amruta. Dildar makes Virat promise him to participate in this ritual. Virat and Amruta exchange garlands.

Later, Bhavani presents a silver coin to Virat as a gift. Upon seeing the coin, Babita claims it’s counterfeit and comments on it. Dildar then gifts Amruta an expensive necklace and saree.

Upon seeing the necklace, Amruta attempts to decline. Dildar tells Amruta that she must accept it as it’s his blessing. Dildar instructs Virat to adorn Amruta with this pearl necklace. As Virat is about to place the pearl necklace around Amruta’s neck, he receives a call and drops the necklace. The pearls scatter on the floor. Dildar questions Virat’s actions. Virat explains that he had to take this call from the engineer regarding the Goa project and departs.

Amruta collects all the scattered pearls from the floor. Babita makes a remark about Amruta. Nimrit labels Amruta as a gold digger. Amruta defends herself, stating she is collecting them because each pearl carries Dildar’s blessing.

In his room, Virat contemplates that Amruta doesn’t deserve the respect she’s currently receiving; instead, she should be humiliated. Virat swears to torment Amruta.

Bhavani expresses her concern for Amruta. Jahan reassures Bhavani, reminding her of Dildar’s support for Amruta. Bhavani prays for Amruta.

Amruta enters Virat’s room and accidentally hits Virat’s face with the door. Virat accuses Amruta of trying to harm him. Amruta retorts that if she wanted to harm him, she would have pushed him in front of a bulldozer. Amruta then tends to Virat.

The episode concludes.

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