Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 12th June 2024 Written Episode Update

The episode unfolds with Babita being escorted into the Ahuja household by two individuals. Dildar inquires about Babita’s condition, to which they respond that she was trapped in the elevator, and it was fortunate that Bhavani informed them about it.

The Ahuja family tends to Babita while Dildar summons a doctor. Babita contemplates her plan, awaiting Kavita to bring Virat. Upon his arrival, Babita feigns suffocation. The doctor examines Babita and informs Virat that her blood pressure has dropped due to the suffocation she experienced in the lift. He reprimands them for their negligence, warning that Babita could have lost her life, and urges Virat to be more cautious before departing.

Babita requests Virat to take her to Delhi, citing her lack of safety. She accuses Amruta of locking her in the lift despite her pleas, which Amruta vehemently denies, asserting that Babita’s hatred for her doesn’t justify false accusations.

Kavita questions Bhavani about her knowledge of Babita’s predicament. Bhavani explains that she heard Babita’s cries for help and acted accordingly. Kavita accuses Bhavani and Amruta of conspiring to trap Babita in the lift, prompting Virat to leave.

The arrival of the police at the Ahuja house leaves Amruta in shock as she initially assumes they are there for her, but soon discovers that Bhavani is their target. As Bhavani is taken into custody, Amruta defends her innocence to Virat, who retorts that her actions nearly killed Babita. Amruta follows the police.

Babita criticizes Virat for his lack of concern for her. Virat explains to Babita that he brought Amruta into the house as a constant reminder of her culpability for Babita’s condition, intending to foster his hatred for her. As Virat prepares to leave, Babita intercepts him, standing on her own feet to everyone’s surprise and delight. Later, Juneja visits Virat, expressing his wish to meet Amruta, leaving Virat stunned.

Amruta argues with the inspector about Bhavani’s arrest, insisting on her innocence and claiming to have proof. She presents CCTV footage showing Bhavani at home when Babita was trapped in the lift. The inspector clarifies that she isn’t arresting Bhavani but will do so if any evidence against her surfaces.

Juneja praises Amruta to Virat’s family, attributing Virat’s fortune to her. Babita credits her recovery to Juneja, and Dildar agrees with Juneja’s assessment of Amruta’s luck. Juneja suggests that the family can sign the deal in Amruta’s presence.

The episode concludes on this note.

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